Ultimate Eco Activity For Your Family

Back in April, I wrote an article highlighting an eco-friendly project for kids – Kid Friendly Eco Project.  The activity involved storm drain marking with fish decals to remind the public that water ways lead to fish.  I was very excited to reserve my marking kit with the city, but because of a fish decal shortage, I only received it this week.  I’m wanted to report back on the success of the activity.

Well, my sons and I loved marking the drains.  Actually, there is nothing my boys didn’t enjoy with this project.  I think I feel a paper route coming in their near future because they loved delivering the educational literature to the houses the most.  Of course at the beginning of this adventure, hitting the fish decals with the mallet was pretty fun too.  <smile>

The entire process of storm drain marking is wonderful for a family project. You put on a reflective vest, brush away debris from the road where you plan on putting the decal, then you pour the glue onto the road, peel and stick the fish decal, then pound it with a mallet approx. 100 times.  When you see the roadway bumps coming through the decal, you’ve done a good job.  These decals need 48 hours to completely stick to the road, so I’m really hoping people don’t lift them up before this time.  I guess this is another wonderful thing about having children.  Even if the decals get vandalized, you need to teach them the task must be completed.  We have approx. 50 storm drains and decals to add along our road.  Over half the drains have been marked and any houses along the road have received literature.  The response from home owners or people out walking has been so positive.  Even if they don’t say anything, we get a huge smile and they’ve noticed what we’re doing.  A man asked my 4 year old what he was doing and Angelo replied “I just want all the fish to be ok”.  I bet that person will never forget the significance behind Angelo’s words.  I’ve included some pictures in this article of my little storm drain markers.  As Angelo reported to his Grandma today “I’m off to do my job now!” 

This activity has been a favorite with my children – talk to your local city hall and try to locate one of these kits.  Be careful on busy roads (you’ll have to sign a waiver), but you’ll have so much fun while you help the community learn the importance of keeping our storm drains toxin free!




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