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So it’s not a huge surprise to you that I really don’t like Malls. When I’m inside them I’m always heading to one store with a direct purpose to get in and out as quickly as possible. I stare into the bright lights and don’t understand the allure of spending hours in a place that does little to support my consumer values; supporting locally manufactured items made with earth friendly materials. The majority of my sons’ clothing is purchased 2nd hand but having growing daughters has put a slight dent in my master plan to buy the majority of their clothes already recycled.  Although, to their credit, my girls are very practical like their mom! <grin>  This practicality recently got traded in when we discovered Triple Flip. Do you want to see the faces of my normally very reluctant shoppers?


I laugh every time I look at these pictures because they had SO much fun picking out an outfit. And there was a small part of me that actually felt relief that I could experience this mother/daughter ritual and feel good that I was shopping in a Mall without ignoring my core values trying to support locally made clothing. Because if I haven’t mentioned it – Triple Flip’s stretch wear line is manufactured in Canada! So if this is important to you as a consumer, check out a Triple Flip store or shop online. If visiting a store you’ll need to ask where the stretch line is and let Triple Flip know that you LOVE the fact they are manufacturing their house line in Alberta. I think parents know that Triple Flip clothing is high quality and cute designs…but it’s more than that. For me, it’s a commitment to something that makes me feel good and bridges an outing with my girls that we can all enjoy. My girls also got to experience the ultra fab dressing rooms  – talk about all star treatment. I’m not sure another changing room will ever hold a candle to these again.

I look at this picture and again smile. It’s so outside of our norm to be excited about a shopping experience but that is what our day at Triple Flip became – an experience. And although the girls made their choices very quickly, the day was special and I thank Triple Flip for producing clothing that I’m happy to purchase. In. A. Mall.  Life is just full of surprises.


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