This Valentines Season – Check Your Sex Toys

I’m always talking about PVC at Mommy Footprint. Usually I’m talking about PVC in childrens toys or everyday household products, but with Valentines approaching I’m going to stray from my regular tips and focus on an area that  contains PVC and phthalates this Valentines…sex toys. Probably one of the last products that will get banned if it contains PVC or phthalates (the chemicals used to soften PVC) because the subject isn’t talked about and hasn’t been ‘proven’ as dangerous for the government to regulate. I don’t have specific brands to recommend, but I believe sex toys are one of those products, if you didn’t intentionally purchase, labeled as eco-friendly, PVC-free, or phthalate-free – you might want to start researching your brand. One main reason I’ll quote from this informative and entertaining Tree Hugger video says it all “Labeling products as ‘novelty’, a gag gift not intended for actual use, allows manufacturers to elude responsibility for potentially harmful materials, and to evade government regulation.”  This is extremely valuable information because many of the novelty gift stores do very well on Valentines or people shopping for stag/stagette gifts and props.   Just like my post on tampons, think about how absorbent an area these toys are being placed in. Now think about a dangerous chemical leaching into your body’s porous areas. Jelly rubber is a very popular material used to make sex toys that contains phthalates – think of the new, stinky bathroom liner you’ve purchased and you’ve got the chemical that will off-gas from this cheap material. Sex toy experts or stores that are aware of the harm from these chemicals will actually recommend a condom to help protect you from absorbing chemicals….I mean that is just truly disgusting. Phthalates are already thought to cause reproduction problems/damage to the reproduction system and cancer.  These facts prompted me to write this article and I encourage you to spread the word among friends and family. Sex toys are one of those ‘not talked about’ products and where there are toxic chemicals hiding.

After doing my research it’s amazing to find out what is considered safer options with food storage is encouraged with new production of sex toys; stainless steel, glass, and silicone. These materials are all recommended for freezing food – I guess it makes sense that they’d be recommended materials to manufacture safer sex toys. Sensitive skin with organic lubricants would be a new area of concern for consumers. If you are looking for organic lubricant that doesn’t contain synthetic ingredients, Saffron Rouge can help with their brand of oil-based organic lubricant.  Thanks everyone, glad we could be grown-up and talk about this. 😉

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  1. John February 9, 2011 at 9:30 am #

    Yeah! Thanks for sharing too. I have now find my great sex toys in this upcoming valentine season. 🙂


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