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I’ve had my Thera Wise products waiting in the wings to review for months, but because I like to test products, I’ve been waiting for hemorrhoids, cuts, acne, or chest colds to strike and happily we’ve been clear and healthy for some time. The great buzz regarding the product line from Thera Wise is these ointments are made with all-natural plant extracts used to heal and restore the skin. Thera Wise products include these 4 healing ointments: HmR – Hemorrhoids, SHO – Bio Active Skin Healing Ointment, VpR – Bio Active Vaporizing Decongestant, and Ac+ – Bio Active Acne Ointment.  I have to admit it’s a great arsenal to have at home for cuts, colds, and accidentals that happen with no planning.  I have not tried the Hemorrhoid cream, but think it would be a great product to add to a hospital suitcase before having a baby. I checked out the cream on EWG skin deep database and it’s included in the top 10 creams out there for hemorrhoids. Anyone that’s had a baby knows that hemorrhoids are unavoidable and how great is it to have an all-natural, plant-based solution for your body?

My review of Thera Wise is concentrated on the SHO – Skin Healing Ointment cream. I recently had the opportunity to actually need a cream like this and have been recommending it to friends with children suffering from open cuts/inflammation from eczema outbreaks. It has literally been close to 2 years since my Isabella had bleeding or infection with an eczema outbreak – but very recently that happened. She had a patch of really dry skin that spread from her cheek to behind her ear and it cracked and caused a deep cut. I tried using my usual moisturizing cream, but I needed something with healing properties.  I applied the Thera Wise cream and the cut became better after a few treatments. I found the Skin Healing Ointment very effective and was relieved to have something that could help Isabella that was plant-based and natural! The Skin Healing Thera Wise cream would not be a replacement for me as a daily moisturizer, but was great with treating the open sore caused by skin irritation.

Another Thera Wise product that I think is a wonderful natural replacement to a traditional treatment applied to children (and adults) is the VpR Decongestant Rub.  Because it’s made with botanical extracts it’s a great replacement for vapour rubs to provide relief for a chest cold. This product has an amazing rating of 1 from EWG – this natural way to vaporize is a wonderful treatment for anyone that enjoys the relief of congestion that eucalyptus, white pine, peppermint and other plant based ingredients provide.

Also interesting, I just noticed on the Thera Wise site from a customer testimonial that the Skin Healing Ointment was used successfully on a wart.  I have a child with a wart on his toe so I’m testing this cream on him and will post if it works to remove his wart.  Because it is small and not bothering him, I would never go through applying acid or ‘burning’ it off his foot. The wonderful thing about a multi-functional cream like this is that it’s plant based and with no petroleum you can try it on many different skin inflammations and feel like you’re making a better choice than the cortisone creams or prescription medicines that your family doctor will readily prescribe.

Thera Wise provides a great suite of products for anyone looking for plant therapy ointments and I’m happy to add these ointments to my personal medicine kit for cuts, burns, or accidentals that you can’t plan for with kids. For a list of stores that sell Thera Wise ointments, click here.

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4 Responses to Thera Wise – Natural Healing

  1. Sabrina April 30, 2010 at 8:46 am #

    Hi suzane – great article. Where/how can I get my hands on some if th

  2. Sabrina April 30, 2010 at 8:49 am #

    Hi Suzanne – where/how can I get my hands on some of that healing cream for my Gianni’s eczema? Thanks!

  3. suzanne April 30, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    Good question! I’ve included a link in the article – and here is the link to stores that sell Thera Wise ointments:

  4. Yasuko April 30, 2010 at 12:57 pm #

    Hi, Sabrina & Suzanne
    We have been receiving many inquiries where to find SHO lately.
    Finlandia, Choices (kits), Garden Health (Davie), Capers/Whole Foods(Robson), Super Store (North Van) should have them in stock. London Drug only carries HmR, Shoppers carries HmR & VpR only. Hope this helps!

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