The Fairy Ring ~ Etsy Wooden Fairy Dolls

I came across the Etsy store The Fairy Ring  today and could not close my mouth.  You cannot visit this site without aching to purchase a few wooden fairies (with names like Lavender and Hydrangea), toadstools, and tea sets.  These wooden creations are magical.  Here is your answer for a heirloom gift to create hours of magical, free, imaginative play for the little fairy lover in your life.  When I came across The Fairies from Fairyland  showcased on Tiffany’s site, I just had to share, they simply made me happy.  Check out these pictures:

This Etsy store was created by a mom wanting to share her love of fairies. You can feel her love for this enchanted land with the wonderful descriptions she’s used with each product.  Read this description of Lavender ~  “A wonderful and magical thing just happened in Fairyland. Lavender found a magic mushroom and when she takes a small taste she grows to just the right size to play with her toddler friends. Now she is ready to join your little one for hours of fun.”  OMG I want them all…not only are the little play sets adorable, there is a wooden fairy doll tea party play set with storage box and the inside of box is showcased in the first picture above.  The detail is just incredible.  You can also request your fairy dolls be customized with certain hair color or dress color.  I love the concept, the product, and it’s guaranteed to dust off a memory of earlier times where trolls and goblins made mischief and danced with fairies.


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