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Father’s Day Green Gift Ideas

Wow – time to start planning that perfect gift that will show daddies all over the world they are loved and appreciated. hmmmm it’s not so easy is it? I have become quite practical when it comes to gifts for Ray, but based on the fact that most dads are tough to buy for, here are some green :mrgreen: (and one not-so-green) ideas that will appeal to the dad on your gift list.

5. Cell Phone Hands Free Ear Piece:
After watching the Larry King show this week featuring a story on serious health problems caused by excessive cell phone use, I decided this item would be on the dad’s gift idea list. It actually bumped my original pick for a Kodak EasyShare SV811 8-inch Digital Picture Frame out of the running for 5th spot.  It’s not a picture or handmade present, but it’s still sentimental because it shows you care about dad’s health. This hands free cell phone ear piece might protect his health in multiple ways as it keeps cell phone radiation away from the brain and keeps hands free if you need them to operate a vehicle. I don’t think Hallmark makes a card for it, but you could work those reasons into giving that special guy this gift. 🙂 Here is a sample of what this device looks like: Cardo Systems Scala 600 Bluetooth Headset, Black

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