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Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold Contest

The owners of The Tickle Trunk have been working on perfecting an elusive and incredibly designed product since their store first opened – a stainless steel popsicle mold.  I’ve spoken with owner Carolyn regularly for almost a year and not a conversation has gone by without her mentioning with so much excitement about these popsicle molds. Well I have one of these amazing trays in my freezer, as they have just arrived and are in-stock at the Tickle Trunk and they live up to every one of my expectations. This might be one of the last places you’ve been trying to source a BPA-free or plastic-free solution in your freezer. Since the hormone disruptor BPA first gained media attention 2 years ago, most parents have been wary of plastic materials being used for freezing or heating food/liquid. I’ve never made my own popsicles because the plastic alternatives on the market always turned me off. The Tickle Trunk has not only designed a product that will last a life time because the design and quality are amazing, but is a pioneer in the process of bringing safe products to the fingertips of parents looking for stainless steel alternatives.

The popsicle mold arrives with several pieces and includes: 6 large stainless steel popsicle molds, 1 metal tray to hold the molds, disposable wooden popsicle sticks, silicone parts to hold the stick in place and stainless steel discs.  The steel is high quality 18/8 grade making it dishwasher friendly and easy to clean.  The molds are free-floating so that you can remove or re-fill one at a time.  The silicone rings were designed with this material so that the popsicle stick glides into the mold easily and stays where it’s supposed to be placed. The discs that hold the stick and measure the size of your popsicle have a beautiful sun burst design that is kid friendly and very attractive for adults.

The minute this popsicle mold arrived in my home, I was so excited to try making my own popsicles for the first time with my kids. I’ve since researched nutritious recipes that you can use to improve the popsicle, but I’m pleased with how easy the process was. You can tell this product has been tested, re-tested, designed, and perfected by a mom. Small details like using the removable silicone rings to adjust to the different sized sticks a consumer would use – to the tray design that keeps the molds perfectly still while freezing. When the popsicle is frozen and ready to be removed from the mold, you simply warm it in your hand and it releases very smoothly ~ ready for that excited child or adult to enjoy. Talk about the w-o-w factor and there’s nothing else like it on the market.

Mommy Footprint is so excited to offer our first contest of the year!  The process will go a little differently from previous ones – we will track contest entries via our Fan page on Facebook.  The lucky winner will receive a stainless steel popsicle mold from The Tickle Trunk. Enter to win by becoming a Mommy Footprint Fan here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mommy-Footprint/261832505845, then click over to The Tickle Trunk site and tell me what your favorite Tickle Trunk product is on their site by posting on the Mommy Footprint fan page wall. If you don’t have a Facebook account and would like to enter, you can use our traditional method of entering a contest by using the referral form https://mommyfootprint.com/mommyfootprint-referral-form/  I thought it would be fun to try something new with this awesome contest.  I’m loving my popsicle mold and wish you all luck with winning. Contest is open to all residents in North America and will close on March 19th.  If you are currently a member of the Mommy Footprint fan page, simply post your favorite Tickle Trunk product to the fan page wall to be entered into the contest.

Thanks again to The Tickle Trunk for sticking with the journey of creating this safe product that is such an incredible investment for any home. Popsicle molds are currently available through The Tickle Trunk and Green Planet Parties.

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Alternatives To Freezing Food In Plastic

The feedback to the article about Graze Organic ~ a company trying to eliminate our need for plastic baggies ~ really got people commenting. The next question has been ‘how do I eliminate using plastic freezer bags for food storage?’  I’ve touched upon some alternatives in the past, but recently tried using a stainless steel solution from The Tickle Trunk and would love to share.  Here are my recommendations for eliminating freezing with plastic wrap or bags from your food storage.

Stainless Steel:

The Tickle Trunk is now carrying top of the line, stainless steel grade 18/10 food containers that seal air tight because of the awesome design of the silicone lid that latches closed so the food inside is free from air entering the container. The design is great and the quality is wonderful, with a great price-tag for stainless steel.  Look for the containers on The Tickle Trunk site that are made in Korea and are 18/10 steel grade as a new freezing alternative. This will solve the problem of people trying to store frozen food in glass jars in their freezer, because you quickly run into a space problem. These stainless steel containers are stack-able and can be purchased in a full range of sizes ~ small enough to freeze baby food, pesto, etc. to a large enough container for full size lasagna! The body of this container is dishwasher safe, but because of the silicone around the lid, this part should be hand-washed.

    stainless steel food storage containers stacked


These products are timeless and still very popular and effective for freezing food – Pyrex, CorningWare, and Anchor Hocking.  All of these glass food storage solutions have stood the test of time and are wonderful for baking, fridge storage, and effective with freezing food or sauce. If you are looking to completely eliminate plastic, it’s tough to find an airtight lid for these products that isn’t plastic. Most come with plastic lids, but rest assured that the plastic is made from food safe #5 plastic, but the exercise here is to eliminate plastic from touching your food while it’s stored in the freezer. If you are concerned about the plastic lid, but like these products, I would say just don’t pack it full enough so that the food is touching the lid. These products always seem to be on sale at Walmart, Target, Save-On-Foods, etc. so you can’t beat their price-point.


Other options:

Tin Foil can be used for short term freezing of chicken, etc.  I almost typed parchment paper but then started wondering what that slippery coating on the surface contained. I researched it and the material that makes it such a great help for baking because of the non-stick factor is a plastic coating. I guess I won’t be recommending that one for these purposes!

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Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray Give-away!

The ultimate spring contest give-away is here at Mommy Footprint with summer backyard BBQs quickly approaching.  Stainless steel ice cube trays are also the perfect gift for new moms that want to freeze home-made baby food and not worry about freezing food in plastic with the worry of BPA and phthalates.  Just in time for sunny days, complete the below contest form and I’ll draw a winner May 3rd.  Thank you to our friends at The Tickle Trunk for donating this awesome give-away.  We are talking high end stainless steel, food grade 18/8, and BPA-free ice cube trays.  Feel safe about making ice cubes again and these trays have the easy-to-use handle that quickly pops out the cubes.  Mommy Footprint especially loves stainless steel for freezing food or liquids.  Here is the link for this contest – enter and at the same time, share the word about Mommy Footprint with your friends.


 Picture courtesy of The Tickle Trunk site:



Less Is More Theory and Experiment

I’ve noticed with interest that dollar stores in my community are going out of business.  You would think in this economy where people are trying to save money that the dollar store business would be going strong.  Could it be that consumers, especially parents, are realizing that less is more?  I believe so.  Back-to-basics, sustainability, quality, craftsmanship, safety are words that parents are willing to pay more for.

From toys, to beauty products, and even our produce ~ I would rather buy organic, pesticide-free for my children.  Shopping in smaller amounts, rather than filling up my cart, without thinking through what I’ll truly need to use.  There has been much buzz about pesticides to avoid with food and mainstream press is starting to write about how toxic most personal care products are.  From organic food, to organic shampoo/soap, to safe toys made from natural or stringently tested materials come at a higher cost.  As a parent, I’m willing to pay a few extra dollars for products I know are coming from business that care and source products with the safely of my children at the forefront.  Most bios from mompreneurs include the fact they were deeply unsatisfied with answers, product selection and product knowledge from traditional stores.  I challenge anyone reading this to an experiment we’ll call the ‘Less-Is-More Theory’.  Walk into your local department store and ask the store clerk or manager questions about their toys, bath toys, personal care products, produce, water bottles, etc.  I myself started doing this when I noticed most store chains have started branding their store label on stainless steel water bottles; Old Nay, The Bay, London Drugs, Superstore, even Dollar Stores.  Not one of these retailers could tell me anything about their store branded stainless steel water bottles.  They had no idea what stainless steel grade they were or that there were different steel grades out there.  I hear about dollar stores that simply ‘dip’ the outside of water bottles to coat god-knows-what material underneath.  I’m not saying these retail stores are doing this, but from a quality issue, I’d like to know more about the grade I’m purchasing so I know how to care for it.  If you are nervous about purchasing bath products (personal care or toys), food or water containers, or plastic toys and the store cannot answer simple questions I would not purchase them.  Here are some basics that they should be able to answer:

What grade of stainless steel is this?
What type of plastic is this made from? Where is it manufactured?
Does this product contain phthalates, parabens, fragrance, BPA?
Is this toy (bath or not) PVC free?
What pesticide is used on this produce item?

If the person cannot answer your questions ~ don’t buy it.  Now finish this challenge.  Contact any of the store owners from this list of businesses and ask them the same questions.  I would bet a lot of money, they can answer your question, plus give you more than you expected:

Green Planet Parties
Healthy Kitchenware
Kai Kids
Natural Pod
Nayla Natural Care
The Tickle Trunk

The list goes on, but you start here and receive top notch customer service and product knowledge.  You will never think again that getting Dollar Store bargains for these types of products is a good idea.  Dollar store priced stores have their place for certain types of products in my opinion; however, the health of your family is not an area they where they specialize and no price tag can be put on the future health of your children.



Food Storage Without Plastic & BPA Free Ice-Cube Trays

There are a few things I’ll never go back to from the plastic world; food storage for freezing or heating food and water bottles.  I’m in love with the stainless steel alternatives over plastic and glass for food and liquid storage.  The Tickle Trunk has an amazing selection of stainless steel containers that can be even be used to freeze food!  Their selections of containers comes with a sealable lid and are easy like traditional Pyrex containers, but using stainless steel as the material in the base of the container and lid.  The sizes are small to huge so you can freeze a little leftover puree or large sized casserole.  Check out this line of food storage containers from The Tickle Trunk. All prices are in Canadian dollars and they range in 9 different sizes.  All of these 3 clip containers are made from 304 grade stainless steel and the lid has a silicone seal, making food storage air tight. You can also write on the containers with a non-permanent marker.  This range of sizes is perfect for baby food – to the largest container (26.3 cups or 6.0 L) great for sugar or flour storage.  The sizes range in 9 sizes from 1 cup (240ml) to 26.3 cups (6.0 L).

Pictures courtesy of The Tickle Trunk site:

While you are shopping at The Tickle Trunk, order your ‘hot of the press’ stainless steel ice-cube trays.  It is tough to find BPA-free ice-cube trays that you trust for freezing baby food or ice for drinks.  Most traditional plastic ice-cube trays are not coded or have the resin code 7. This highly anticipated product is on-route and will be arriving mid April 2009.

We look forward to highlighting products as they come available from The Tickle Trunk because you cannot beat their prices or different selections in varying stainless steel grades.  And these discoveries are what parent’s like – options that are safe and affordable!

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