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Book To Engage Children With Nature

Over the years I’ve read some wonderful children’s books, but recently with a renewed dedication to visiting our local library each week, we’ve discovered books that really capture the essence of bringing children closer to nature. I love hearing about favorite books so I’d like to share my new discoveries. To make the list fun and more complete, I thought I’d select a book from each age bracket starting from babies until mid-elementary. After this age, chapter books enter the picture with bed time routine, so this list is for the under age 10 crowd.

Babies Pick:

When I think about books to read to babies I always think Dr. Suess. Since you won’t get the immediate gratification or feedback when reading to a baby – pick books that are fun to read, flow easily, and have a message for you to understand and remember once that baby starts to grow. The Lorax and The Giving Tree have two of the strongest messages and are books that can be read all throughout your child’s development. The Lorax is the type of book that you take away a new message each time you visit the pages. Long before your child discovers the movie, they should experience the strong messages on helping the environment from hearing the words read by their parent.

Preschool Pick:

Kiss The Cow – I was smitten by the book cover before even opening the book! The story is wonderful and current in today’s world of appreciating and respecting the work that goes into producing food.  Kiss The Cow is about a curious little girl named Annalisa and her cow named Luella. When the little girl milks the cow and forgets the kiss – who will be the first to back down? A magic cow who demands a kiss on the nose to keep milk flowing is a message of thanking our food supply, explained in a light and funny way! As you’ll see from the book cover (via Candlewick Press) this book is precious for both parents and younger children to read!


Kindergarten – Grade 2 Pick:

We keep renewing Seal Song from the library because it is such a refreshing change in children’s literature. Seal Song is a story about a boy that helps his father fish in a small town and secretly swims with seals in a secret cove. When he rescues a seal tangled in netting, he makes a wish that the seal could live on land. That night the seals sing and a mysterious girl arrives on the docks. The main character Finn and this girl immediately start a friendship but there is unease that she is a magical selkie until the seals sing again. Andrea Spalding did a great job writing this book and I love the special messages about our connection and rewards for helping nature.

Grade 2 – Grade 4 Pick:

Eagle Boy has another amazing book cover and is published by Random House. This story is based on a popular Northwest Coast Native tale and tells the story of ‘Eagle Boy’ who is born an orphan and grows up to love his eagle friends, despite the fact the rest of his tribe distrusts these birds. He is eventually outcast for his love of eagles, but after the tribe can’t find a food source, both the boy and tribe are saved from starvation by the eagles. A great book about individuality, standing up for what you believe in, and humanity. The pictures are also stunning!

Here is a variety of book picks from mom contributors via Mommy Footprint fan page. Here are their suggestions on books that engage children with nature! I know I’ll be adding a few of these to my Christmas list – what about you?

– Hey Little Ant

– Owl Moon

– The Last Wild Witch

– The Salamander Room

– We Planted A Tree

– A Log’s Life

– The Nature Corner

– Bear Hug

– The Whale and the Snail

– Jessie’s Island




Be Inspired, Shop & Save On Wonderful Stocking Stuffers & Gifts

Part of the mission when Green Planet Parties started was to source sustainable, well priced, and fun goodie bag options.  What does this mean this time of year for busy parents?  A very easy way to purchase wonderful, quality stocking stuffers and gifts for children.  Whether it’s a gift swap with little friends or trying to stick to a budget for your own children, Green Planet Parties is the place to shop.  A discount code has been created for all Mommy Footprint subscribers to receive 10% off their order!  This will expire on December 15th. Simply click on the following URL and shop  and the 10% if automatically deducted from your order.  There is no special code to input at checkout  – just click here:

http://www.greenplanetparties.com?code=Mommy Footprint

What are the hot items, perfect for stocking stuffers?  Here are our top picks from practical items, nature inspired, favs for girls and favs for boys …things your kid needs, but they’ll actually enjoy receiving!

Practical items:
♦ Stainless steel ‘first’ cup and feeding bowls: ranging from $7.50-$8.50
♦ BILT water bottles available in pink space bear and blue robot designs: $14 each
♦ Jean totes for girls: $12.50 each and perfect to carry a favorite treasure or snack
♦ Zippered coin purse with doggy design: $6

Nature Inspired:
♦ Wonderful books that capture the beauty of nature and promote children getting back to learning about trees and animals. Top picks are:
~ Jasmine The Butterfly Girl priced at $6.00
~ The Gaia Girls priced at $14.50 – great for the 9+ age
~ The Lorax priced at $16.50.  This Dr. Suess classic is perfect for ages 3-99….a must read at any age.
♦ Nothing says nature like giving a Tree In A Box.  Only $6.00 each – perfect in size & price for a stocking!
Made By Me Wooden Toy kits – sold individually for the stocking or in a box set, both with great price points and a wonderful activity/toy/craft for ages 3-6!  Race car or trucks are $4.75 and box sets are $15.00 with 4 wooden vehicles to paint, hammer, glue, and color!

Just for Girls:
♥ Give the girl on your list a magical, personalized tile necklace.  Nothing like a new piece of jewelry to make a little girl happy!
♥ New to the GPP site are hair accessories.  Ponytail holders with names like ‘Hedgehogs at Play’, ‘Wink! Matryoshka Doll’ or ‘Deer Friend’ you can feel the magic of this product.  Only $4.00 each – these belong in every little girls stocking.  Also, headbands for ages 2 – adult.  These functional and fun headbands come in three fun prints (love the retro ladybugs) and have been sourced locally on Vancouver Island. Price is $5.25 each.
♥ Aprons to get messy in the kitchen or for fun in the craft room.  GPP has sourced cute fabric (in Christmas theme too) to keep your little missy clean while ‘helping’.  Priced great at $12.50 each.

Just for Boys:
♥ New to the GPP site are Automoblox!  Recently described as ‘Playtime Rocks With Automoblox’ in the latest product review by Kindervibe, GPP is stocked with minis C9 Sportcar perfect for a boy’s stocking and the full-size M9 Sportvan comes with hours of fun with it’s interchangeable parts and 8 passengers. Minis price are $9.95 and full-size Automoblox are $38.00.
Endangered animal necklace that comes with the option to customize – all boys love these rugged and tough tiles…nobody is going to call this jewelry!  Necklaces are $12.95 each – a very special gift.
♥ Roll up a tough camouflage explorer bag and tie with string and card!  Boys now have a way to cart around their favorite possessions…book, water bottle, snack.  Great price at $11.00!

Full-sized Sportvan Model

With about 4 shopping weeks left until the magic of Christmas morning arrives for our families, take advantage of the 10% discount and purchase some special gifts. Don’t forget to wrap sustainably and add seed wrapping paper (plant and watch flowers bloom) or Santa Sacks to your order.  Reuse Santa Sacks every year or enjoy the eco activity of planting seed wrapping paper with your kids after the mayhem of Christmas morning is over.

New & Just in time for Gift Giving:

Save a tree and try GPP’s Santa Sacks. Cotton draw string gift bags in 2 sizes and 4 fabrics that are just for Christmas. Start an earth-friendly tradition this year by reusing these Santa Sacks in your family each year instead of buying and using traditional wrapping paper or gift bags. They also make a wonderful (green) presentation of hostess gifts and gifts for friends! Santa Sacks are $3.00 for small and $4.25 for large.

‘Of the earth’ Seeded Gift Wrap that is not only naturally beautiful looking, but also gives a second gift long after the gift has been opened. Plant this paper in your garden and wild flowers will bloom from the imbedded seeds. How magical is that? Two prints to choose from – 2 ~ 20” x 30” sheets for $8.00.



The Little Lorax Of Pedagogy Toys & Bamboo Clothing

I’ve been tipped off about a business who’s mission, while helping the environment, is to educate our children – a place called Pedagogy Toys.  You might be still trying to sound out the word ped-a-gogy, (rhymes with ‘pet a doggy’) and it means the science and art of teaching.  You can tell this is their first priority with the store’s eco brands, eco products, and passionate knowledge from the owners.  Co-owner Karen is who I’m referrencing with the description of the little Lorax of Pedagogy Toys.  After visiting the store and spending hours talking about environmental issues, products, and being a mom, I’ve found a kindred spirit and would later gush about the experience.   To quote Dr. Suess “I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees.”  Check out the website or store and you will see these words in action.

As I walked around Pedagogy, the sensitivity to our environment, the store’s global footprint, and locally sourced products kept flooding my senses. Continue Reading →



The Greenest Book You’ll Buy….and It’s Dr. Suess!

I’m inspired.  So inspired!!  Usually, I only need to look into the eyes of my children to stay focused with greening my world.  Well today, I re-discovered a book that should be on every child’s book shelf from the time they’re an infant until they fully understand environmental issues.  Let’s see if you can guess the book – it all came back to me as I read a few pages…

“Way back in the days when the grass was still green
and the pond was still wet
and the clouds were still clean,
and the song of the Swomee-Swans rang out in space….
one morning, I came to this glorious place.  And I first saw the trees!”

Still can’t guess? Try this!

“Plant a new Truffula. Treat it with care.
Give it clean water. And feed it fresh air.
Grow a forest. Protect it from axes that hack.
Then the Lorax
and all of his friends
may come back.”

It’s The Lorax by Dr. Seuss!!  It is hard to believe this book was written over 40 years ago and honestly, I’ve never reviewed something that explains why we are in the predicament today because of the mistakes we’ve made with our planet.  In the fun way Dr. Seuss reads, the book covers air/fish pollution, clear cutting a forest, driving animals from their natural habitat, and short-term financial gain for long-term environmental ruin.  Really, if you have a child, The Lorax might be one of the most thought provoking, discussion starting, books you’ve read.

This article was going to highlight several green books I’ve researched for young children, but I’m stopping at this book.  As I slowly read each page I remembered being read this book, the vibrant pictures and the wonderful hero of the time…The Lorax.  It all came back to me and I’m inspired once again to keep finding ways to ‘green’ my family.  Now that Francesco and Angelo have been told the story, if they ask me why I’m spending so much researching green options….I’ll respond “because I want to be like the Lorax!” Trust Dr. Seuss to perfectly sum up the problems of our planet and the solution required to fix it. Read this book to a child and discover the power of his message of sustainability.



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