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Green Planet Parties Has Launched!

I’m so excited to announce that Green Planet Parties has launched!  As of today, we’re open for business.

What is Green Planet Parties (GPP) you ask?  Well, as one of the co-founders, I would love to explain.  For the past year, my partner for GPP and I have been trying to reduce waste, eliminate plastic, and think about ways to help the environment in small ways with our family and children.  With 6 kids between us, like all parents, we’ve become experts at sourcing birthday party supplies, decorations, goodie bag items, and presents.  We both hosted eco birthday parties this year and had such incredible feedback from guests and parents, we wanted to keep the education ball rolling with launching this company.  We are here to assist parents with sourcing sustainable, biodegradable, compostable, reusable party supplies.  GPP has done the work of finding these products – now they are a fingertip’s reach away.  Green Planet Parties has a web store and all sustainable decorations, tableware, and goodie bag items can be ordered online and shipped to your house. 

Imagine being able to eliminate the hours of work driving and researching party supplies to give your child the ‘perfect’ birthday party? Here are some sample images of what we offer:

Eliminate plastic at your party by adding cloth goodie bags as the perfect finishing touch to your give-aways!


Set the scene for your guests with our beautiful, biodegradable, compostable, cups, plates, cutlery, and napkins.


Customized 8 flag Birthday Banners to be reused year after year, long after the party is over.


Customized tile necklace package includes 11 necklaces – 10 for the guests and one for the birthday girl. A magical give-away for your guests with their name personalized!

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