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Tips To Immediately Reduce Toxins Your Bedroom

In researching ways to remove toxins from your bedding, mattresses, and bedrooms, I received tips from the co-founder at Sleepy Sheep and  Saplings that I wanted to share. These tips are things you can do immediately that will ease your anxiety level with dust mites, bacteria, mold, and chemicals. I appreciate that these two solid business owners would pass along product knowledge and freebies that can improve the health of our homes. Here are some tips you can implement tomorrow from the experts!

Chelsea from Sleepy Sheep told me that sunlight is a natural virus killer. To immediately de-tox your bed, pull your duvet down and expose pillows and sheets to sun light.  Open your curtains in your bedroom during the day as this allows moisture to evaporate from your mattress and allows sunlight into your bedroom, which helps prevent mold and fungus from growing.

Wash your pillows monthly to keep dust mites and other allergens at bay. A clean pillow improves your sleep by helping you breath properly while you sleep.

When taking your bedding (or clothes for that matter) to the dry cleaner, try to find a cleaner that markets themselves as green. Why? Many dry cleaners will use a chemical cocktail to finish your items called sizing. Ask that this step not be used to finish your bedding so that sizing or Teflon agents aren’t being added to your ‘cleaned’ bedding.

Chris from Saplings Sustainable Kids Decor offered some great tips for removing common toxins from your bedroom starting with wall decals. These popular wall stickers are the hot decorating choice with parents because of their convenience and versatility, but most on the market are made from PVC (poison plastic that off-gasses chemicals). Look for decals that are stamped vinyl-free or PVC-free and are made from polypropylene or fabric.

One of the easiest ways to improve the air quality in your child’s bedroom is to use VOC free paint. Chris recommends the new Natura line from Benjamin Moore and Yolo Colorhouse in rooms they have done….both brands have great quality and are a safer paint choice.

Smell your room! Basically, your sense of smell is one of the best things you can rely on when safeguarding your room. If you are using anything that has a strong smell, be it your paint, bedding, decor ~ be cautious. Anything you put in your child’s room should be odour free straight out of the package (** great tip **)!

The last tip from Chris can be read in it’s entirety from this article and the great thing about it is you probably have most of the ingredients at home! A recipe to decrease chemical residues and smells from dyeing process and use of conventional scented detergents &/or fabric softeners:

Wash several times or soak overnight in a tub of water with one of the following:

1/2 cup of vinegar
1/2 – 1 cup of pickling salt (don’t use in an enameled tub as it will cause it to rust)
1/4 – 1 cup of baking soda (will have to rewash several times to remove residue).

For any and all organic bedding & decor requirements, the owners at Saplings are ready to answer your questions. They’ve done the research and put together their site to keep the confusing nature of shopping for organic bedding simplified.  Two of my favorite rooms from their site are below.

George Room to Grow

Pink Inspiration In Full Bloom

Looking for more information on PVC? Check out the category on Mommy Footprint called PVC Info. Discover why this plastic doesn’t belong in your bedroom or anywhere near children.



Blankets For Baby

There is no denying the special relationship a baby has with their favorite blanket.  I’ve had my eye on three designs for some time and would like to share.  As you will read, they are all different, all special, just like the little babes they are intended for.  And with me being proudly Canadian, they are all from Canadian online stores, meaning a great savings for local and US customers!

L’il Monkeys

This company started with a great story of a mom that wanted something special and unique after the birth of her twin daughters.  Talented enough to make her own blankets, mompreneur Andi started L’il Monkeys when people started asking where they could buy one.  Made from very soft anti-pill waffle fleece, these blankets are a great price, size, and best of all come personalized with your ‘little monkey’s’ name.  I love the textured ribbons around the outside, perfect and safe for babies or children to mouth or attach a favorite toy.  Mini teething blankets are $25 and full-size personalized blankets are $60.  Check out the sweet picture of Jack’s blankie, picture courtesy of the L’il Monkey site:



Saplings carry an extensive line of organic bedding and have a very hip, but snuggly option from the Olli & Lime line.  This blanket named George is soft and 100% organic ~ who can resist the chocolate brown and fresh lime color combo?

Nayla Natural Care

These blankets are so lovely with their wonderful blend of bamboo and ecofabulous designs. They are reversible bamboo blankets and come in 3 wonderful prints. Made from 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton, they measure 20×30 inches and are a great value at $35. Check out the beautiful ‘Melia’ picture courtesy of Nayla’s site:


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Saplings – Wow What A Launch!

I’m just back from a magical launch party from the on-line company Saplings. They have sourced an amazing line of kid’s room decor and taken the guess work out of co-ordinating bedding, wall furnishings, art work, even eco-filled stuffies! The fabrics, the concept, and the way their lines of bedding and decor easy works together removes the stress for consumers. Saplings has not only sourced high-end, sustainable room decor, but they have brought in different lines from suppliers that match and seamlessly appear like the ideas were all born from a single designer. They really have taken the guess work out of dressing a room for children so that everything is creative, unique, and fun.

The co-founders Chris and Joanne have created a company that stands behind it’s beliefs. Continue Reading →



Protect Your Family From Phthalates In Your Home

What are phthalates and why should parents be concerned?  Phthalates are man-made chemicals used in PVC plastics and many products that surround our home and children. They seem to have a similar effect on humans as BPA…targeting reproduction systems as they are endocrine disrupters. But unlike BPA, this chemical is especially potent for boys as it targets their developing reproductive systems causing great harm such as genital abnormalities, birth defects, and decreased sperm count in men. Phthalates are also linked to asthma, allergies, testicular cancer, and early puberty.  As a parent, when you see the products where this chemical lurks – you’ll be concerned.  Continue Reading →



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