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Oto Design – Fleece Made Eco

Mommy Footprint is starting 2014 with a passion for locally produced fashion. Future fashion posts will explain why the concept of sustainably made clothing is so important at a global level. The term ‘fast fashion’ and it’s parallel to ‘fast food’ is shocking because both are produced cheaply and quickly which lends a toll on the environment and human health. More to come on this topic.

Help me welcome  Co-owners Rachael and Allison who are the proud business owners behind Oto Design. My twins received an Oto dress and sweater before Christmas and live in them!  Not only does Oto Design produce fashion that kids love to wear, but they’ve done it with fleece that doesn’t contain flame retardants. My daughter that stays clear of polyester because of skin sensitivities has loved the comfort of her Oto dress. She also has sensory reactions to clothing and because the seams are on the outside of the Oto clothing, this isn’t an issue for kids or adults normally sensitive to internally sewn seams or tags. Check out the slideshow of a few Oto designs (yes they have a kids and adult line) and then we’ll talk more about manufacturing and a fun contest!

Oto Design is obviously very cute but they have some really cool business practices.  Here are some inside track facts on Oto Design:

–  made in Canada, Vancouver to be exact.
–  growing, streamlined production of their lines mean local jobs are created in Vancouver.
– Oto sources Polartec fleece that doesn’t contain flame retardants (and is made in the USA).
– Oto fleece is manufactured from recycled pop bottles.
– support two moms with a vision, great product, and a dream. I know big box stores sell fleece, but it’s mass produced using fast fashion practices and will contain flame retardants.
– Oto recommends spot washing the sweaters and then occasional wash in cold water, hang to dry. Ocean activists will tell you why this is amazing advice when a product is made using polyester. **

Here is your chance to win an Oto Design sweater. The lucky winner will win a sweater for an adult or child so it’s a great contest for all Mommy Footprint readers. The contest is open from January 29th until February 4th at midnight and all participants must reside in North America. We love the idea of an Oto Design for a special Valentines gift, so you might want to take advantage of their Valentine sale by entering the word LOVE at checkout until Feb 1st.

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** Our washing machines aren’t manufactured with small enough filters to capture plastic sediment from polyester or other synthetic matierals from washing clothes. Toxic dyes used to produce clothing would also be a problem. If you imagine these micro sediments flushed into our ocean from washing and the animals that consume it – scary to think that small amount of dye and plastic is consumed by fish that we end up eating.



Baby It’s Cold Outside Contest

We’ve welcomed back some old friends with our new ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ contest and are excited to work with Dilly Dally Kids, Pip and Pin, and Simply Merino on this amazing contest! Imagine the snow is falling outside, you’ve are snuggling your child in their chemical free wool PJs, you are wearing a beautiful hand-knit cowl, and the kids bring out some family favourite games to play. Now you’ve got the concept for ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’.

We are excited to introduce our new friend Simply Merino clothing company. If you are looking for chemical free sleep wear made without synthetic materials or flame retardants, you’ve got a friend in Simply Merino. These clothes are made in New Zealand from 100% Merino wool and are a wonderful barrier for children between their skin and athletic gear, to wear as sleep wear, or use as layering pieces. I know in our house, my sons are so limited with PJs this year because I’ve had a tough time finding sleep wear that isn’t made from polyester. The thought of them sleeping in a synthetic blend just isn’t how I want them spending 10+ hours. This holiday season, parents & family love to give the gift of cozy jammies. Let them know that Simply Merino is offering a 10% discount code to Mommy Footprint readers  – just enter  mommy10 at checkout after ordering.


Next to join the winter party is our friends Pip and Pin. We fell in love with these talented West Coast sisters two years ago after discovering their craft for making beautiful hand knit items. They are also adorable, kind, and the type of small business owners you want to support. My favourite signature Pip and Pin design are their cowls and the lucky contest winner of this contest can select a cowl with or without buttons and work with Megan and Katie with colours. Make sure to check them out at Make It Vancouver this weekend if you’re attending.


If you live in Greater Vancouver, chances are you’ve been to Commercial Drive and fallen in love with Dilly Dally Kids toy store that offers a wide variety of heirloom quality toys. I love the wooden selection at Dilly Dally Kids and they’ve done a great job with supporting local artists, sustainable toy options, along with classic favourites. They have generously allowed Mommy Footprint to select three fun family games to anchor our ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ contest. My family has spent hours enjoying these three games and I’m excited that another family will get to enjoy them too: Sleeping Queens Card Game, Rush Hour, and Zingo (pictured below). Visit Dilly Dally Kids in-store and enjoy the unique experience of finding holiday gifts in wide assortment and age ranges. Enter the below contest and your shopping will already be off to a great start if you win this prize basket.

dilly dally

Our ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ contest will run for one week November 26th – December 3rd at midnight. This contest is open to North American residents and I’m thankful to Simply Merino, Pip and Pin, and Dilly Dally Kids for working together for this amazing contest. Now close your eyes, imagine the snow falling outside, and think of how lucky you’d be to win a wool pair of kid’s PJs, cozy cowl, and family games package.

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