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Meadows Maze – My Happy Place

I’m sharing my happy place with you. For my readers that aren’t local – please enjoy the pictures and I hope this place inspires some happiness for you! My happy place is a community called Pitt Meadows – the ecosystem is so healthy and there is nothing like parking your car and watching frogs leaping out of gutters, checking out local dairy farms, and feeding / watching chickens run to greet you. I can find all of these things in Pitt Meadows plus one big attraction that recently opened is Meadows Maze. Owned by the Hopcott family – this beautiful farm is such a great outing for kids of all ages. This year they’ve made some magical additions so I just have to share pictures and little tidbits about why you need to go for a visit.

Two new attractions this year are pig races and a beautiful education center. The pig races start this Saturday, Aug 25th which will be fun and the new education center (inside a beautiful huge barn) is very impressive and would be a wonderful field trip in the Fall. The concept is to have children learn about agriculture, farming, and finish with learning about farmer’s market. Kids are given a bucket and go through the stations of the education center collecting items to sell at market…once they complete the stations (digging up potatoes/carrots, picking apples, collecting honey, etc.) they ‘sell’ their items and are given pretend money that gives them a treat inside the Corn Maze office. I had children from ages 6-13 with me and they all LOVED this!  The other highlight is the huge slide when you first arrive, barrel rides, the potato cannon and petting farm. There is more but these are our favorites!

The kids favorite ride is upcyled barrels that have seat-belts and are pulled together by an ATV. You go through a portion of the corn maze and it’s so bumpy and fun! Bring swim goggles to wear if dust bothers your eyes!

Next up is the education center. There are approx. 8 stations as described above that all include beautiful wooden structures, food and scenery. My kids loved digging through dirt finding potatoes and pulling carrots!


Next the petting farm is awesome! There are donkeys, chickens, pigs, goats, bunnies, and a baby bull & ponies. Not all are available to pet and hold but it’s wonderful to visit a petting farm that has so many happy animals to watch and play with. My girls just fell in love with the lion haired bunnies (shhhhhh – Isabella got special permission to have a snuggle with this bunny).

All the kids loved the potato or corn canon – it’s always fun to try and hit targets. This is extra $$s not included in the admission but was a huge favorite with the older kids in my group!

And because your children won’t want to leave (we can spend 4 hours there easily) they have this amazing outdoor slide that you ride burlap sacks off to the side of the parking lot. You tell the kids to take a slide and it will minimize any fussing about leaving this amazing place. Oh – why is it called Meadows Maze you ask?  Because it has a huge 8km wide corn maze that takes 2.5 hours to complete!  It’s huge and a great challenge for older kids or teens!  The oldest kids in our group tried it, but we find all the other activities keep us plenty busy. We’ve already been to visit twice and the pig races haven’t even started yet. . . it just gives us another reason to go back for more fun!

And just like today, after we visited Meadows Maze we stop at Hopcotts Meats down the street because we love their support for locally grown, hormone free meat and produce. You taste the difference with this meat – it’s amazing and you can see the crops growing behind the store – it’s a beautiful destination shopping experience! Make Pitt Meadows your next destination day trip – it will become your happy place and you’ll learn, discover, and love the feel of the farm land that is so close to urban dwellings.  You’ll leave feeling refreshed and back in touch with a local farmers and agriculture.



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