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Oto Design – Fleece Made Eco

Mommy Footprint is starting 2014 with a passion for locally produced fashion. Future fashion posts will explain why the concept of sustainably made clothing is so important at a global level. The term ‘fast fashion’ and it’s parallel to ‘fast food’ is shocking because both are produced cheaply and quickly which lends a toll on the environment and human health. More to come on this topic.

Help me welcome  Co-owners Rachael and Allison who are the proud business owners behind Oto Design. My twins received an Oto dress and sweater before Christmas and live in them!  Not only does Oto Design produce fashion that kids love to wear, but they’ve done it with fleece that doesn’t contain flame retardants. My daughter that stays clear of polyester because of skin sensitivities has loved the comfort of her Oto dress. She also has sensory reactions to clothing and because the seams are on the outside of the Oto clothing, this isn’t an issue for kids or adults normally sensitive to internally sewn seams or tags. Check out the slideshow of a few Oto designs (yes they have a kids and adult line) and then we’ll talk more about manufacturing and a fun contest!

Oto Design is obviously very cute but they have some really cool business practices.  Here are some inside track facts on Oto Design:

–  made in Canada, Vancouver to be exact.
–  growing, streamlined production of their lines mean local jobs are created in Vancouver.
– Oto sources Polartec fleece that doesn’t contain flame retardants (and is made in the USA).
– Oto fleece is manufactured from recycled pop bottles.
– support two moms with a vision, great product, and a dream. I know big box stores sell fleece, but it’s mass produced using fast fashion practices and will contain flame retardants.
– Oto recommends spot washing the sweaters and then occasional wash in cold water, hang to dry. Ocean activists will tell you why this is amazing advice when a product is made using polyester. **

Here is your chance to win an Oto Design sweater. The lucky winner will win a sweater for an adult or child so it’s a great contest for all Mommy Footprint readers. The contest is open from January 29th until February 4th at midnight and all participants must reside in North America. We love the idea of an Oto Design for a special Valentines gift, so you might want to take advantage of their Valentine sale by entering the word LOVE at checkout until Feb 1st.

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** Our washing machines aren’t manufactured with small enough filters to capture plastic sediment from polyester or other synthetic matierals from washing clothes. Toxic dyes used to produce clothing would also be a problem. If you imagine these micro sediments flushed into our ocean from washing and the animals that consume it – scary to think that small amount of dye and plastic is consumed by fish that we end up eating.



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