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State Of The World’s Mother’s 2013

This Mother’s Day I was searching for an article with deeper meaning to me personally. I’ve really gotten to that place in life that for my birthday, Mother’s Day, and celebrations for me – I feel nothing but blessed to have my healthy children surrounding me. So when Jeremy from Save The Children Canada shared with me some of the amazing work they do with the challenges facing mothers and newborns worldwide, I knew I wanted to share them with you. Each year, Save the Children release this index of the challenges facing mothers and newborns worldwide, from Canada to the Congo.  This review looks at key indicators such as maternal mortality, child mortality, educational attainment, political status of women and country economic strength to “rank” the best and worst places for mothers and babies.  This year, we also have a special focus on the first day of a baby’s life, highlighting  how the birth day represents the most dangerous day for mothers and newborns alike, especially in developing countries.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful Global mamas and their stories. Here are two and the difference Save The Children has brought to their lives.

Photo credit: Michael Tsegaye/Save the Children A mother with her newborn child at Dessie Referral Hospital in Afar region, Ethiopia.  Save the Children staff refer girls and women with health problems from rural Amhara to the hospital and assist them in their journey there.

Photo credit: Alfonso Daniels/Save the Children.  In Sierra Leone, one of the worst places in the world to be a mother: Fatmara, 21,  lost a baby a few years ago after giving birth in the floor of her shack.  She recently gave birth successfully at the clinic opened by Save the Children in Susan’s Bay slum in April 2012.  She also benefits from free healthcare for mothers and children under 5 introduced by the government two years ago, thanks in part to lobbying from Save the Children and other organizations.

It’s an incredibly powerful campaign Surviving The First Day. Imagine becoming a Mother and this is your greatest worry – your child surviving the first day and then month of life because of low cost solutions . Click here to find out what Save The Children is doing to help – even Canada (ranked 22) and the US (ranked 30) could be doing better. Find out how.



Am I Mom Enough?

Have you seen the latest Time Magazine article? It’s gained a lot of attention, and I don’t like to give sensationalized writing more attention but with the timing of the article published right before Mother’s Day I need to write about it. The article title  ‘Are You Mom Enough’ alone has really upset me and wow did Time ever miss the mark of the article’s message. Here is the cover for those that have missed it:

Is this really appropriate for a magazine the weekend before Mother’s Day?  Seriously? Just the cover’s picture would suggest that unless you are skinny, with perky boobs and breast feeding (apparently in public), you are not ‘mom enough’. Too bad Time felt they had to make mothers feel worse about themselves when we should be celebrating all moms – not sensationalizing the latest hot spot in social media about attachment parenting,  nursing toddlers and nursing in public.  Why do I think it a pure insult for all mothers – even those that follow attachment parenting principles, breast feeding, and beyond? In my 8 years of nursing children, I have never nursed standing up…it’s not natural and quite frankly would have been painful for me. The model/mom/actress on the cover does not represent a mom that has birthed children and nursed for several years – it’s just not a realistic image. It’s an insulting enough picture to moms that have breastfed babies into toddler hood – I can’t image how the words and picture would make a mom feel that wasn’t able to breast feed. Probably similar to how I feel when I read articles about having C-sections not being equal to the natural childbirth experience and therefore (without meaning to) make me feel like’ I’m Not Mom Enough’. Mothers don’t need any reminders of ways we are not ‘mom enough’ because we already remind ourselves daily of things we could do differently and improve…constantly beating ourselves up internally and why? Because we are mothers – all doing the best that we can. Constantly inundated with visuals, Pinterest, and social media that makes us doubt everything we’ve done along our journey as mothers. I feel it when I hear moms talk about recipes I could never manage, sewing memory blankets or books, crafting and teaching pres-preschoolers to read. The competitive nature of parenting doesn’t need any fuel including an act as intimate as nursing your child.

As parents we need to focus on the positive aspects of our journey and understand that if you’ve had a child, through your body or not, you are ‘mom enough’. For any mom that has gazed at her child and already wondered ‘Am I Mom Enough?’ – let me reassure you that you already are.



Father’s Day Collection of Stories

It’s Father’s Day this weekend and because I’m lucky enough to know some very artistic, resourceful, and Eco minded mamas  – I asked for stories to create a group article. My two top father’s day ideas are at the end of this article but thanks to some great ladies, there’s something for all dad’s listed in this post.  I would like to thank Lindsay, Fiona, Tracy, Annemarie, & Rebecca for being guest contributors for this special article.

First up is Lindsay, David Suzuki’s Queen of Green. She answers your questions about everyday green living with tips and recipes to make your life a little easier on the environment. It’s all about green living made easy. Lindsay has incredible DIY recipes and is an amazing resource.  I love this DIY after shave recipe…just in time for Father’s Day, this Men’s Herbal After Shave only takes 10 minutes to make and it will last about 2 months.


3/4 cup distilled or sparkling mineral water
1/4 cup witch hazel (make sure it’s pure, without parabens)
2 Tablespoons vegetable glycerin
1 Tablespoon aloe juice or gel

Optional essential oils:

4 drops rosemary
3 drops clove
2 drops bergamot

Add to a bottle and mellow for 2 days. Apply after shaving.

*Note: always try a test patch and omit essential oils if you or someone in your home is sensitive to scents


Our next contributor is Fiona, the owner of Pip ‘n’ Milly Creations. She continues to nurture her love of handmade and specializes in creating beautifully practical, one of a kind handbags, incorporating core product values: Handmade. Well-made. Uniquely you.

After Suzanne asked about the best Father’s Day gift I had been a part of, I spent a fair bit of time pondering. I have to admit that my thoughts kept returning to a gift I had made for my father when I was a child, rather than to something amazing I had done with my own children for their dad. Perhaps it is because they have always made gifts at school and preschool that I have not had to think much about it! Whatever the case, the gift which sprang to mind was a simple embroidered felt bookmark I made when I was 7 or 8. Handmade gifts were a part of my Mum’s upbringing, but not Dad’s, so he never had quite the appreciation for handmade that we might have liked. Or so we thought. Sadly, my beloved Dad passed away 5 years ago at the age of 59. When we were able to come to terms with sorting his belongings, Mum found the bookmark in his drawer. I treasure it greatly for the memory it holds and the reminder not to judge a book by its cover.


Next up is Tracy, the Ops Manager at Mighty Nest that is a store devoted to helping families find safe, healthy, non-toxic products for their home and family.

Since my daughter is 10 months old this is our first Fathers Day!  We’ll actually be spending the day at airports/on airplanes on our way to vacation with his family so I don’t have any plans but I am working on a special gift – my husband loves reading to our daughter so I’m making a book just for the two of them.  It will contain pictures of them doing various activities together such as eating, sleeping, making funny faces, etc. and each page will have a caption as if it were written by my daughter – I love when my Daddy reads to me.  It makes me laugh when Daddy makes funny faces.  I don’t like green beans, just like my daddy!  Hopefully it’ll be a big hit…and hopefully I’ll finish it in time!

Next is Annemarie – the amazing mama behind yoyomama.ca, an e-newsletter for mums that aims to make their lives less yoyo-like!

I know that all mums secretly (or not so secretly) want to sleep in and have time to themselves on Mother’s Day, which goes against the grain of what the day is meant to be. But I recently read a survey where I found Dad’s also want the same time. The sleeping in I knew, the time alone, not so much! So this Father’s Day I’m going to take the girls out in the morning – if I can pry them away from the idea of making breakfast in bed for their Dad (they’re five and seven so you can imagine what breakfast in bed looks like, though they excel at presentation) – and stay out so he wakes up at home all alone and has some time to luxuriate in silence before we return bearing gifts.

My last guest post is from Rebecca who is just an absolute pleasure to know. Rebecca is the mom of two, a blogger, foodie and social media lover.

Here’s one gift idea that I did the first Father’s Day after my son was born, and again the first after my daughter: For $1.50 at Michael’s I bought an unfinished wooden frame and painted it.  I then took the children’s feet (they were still babies), painted them and stamped them on the frames.  Then I put a picture of the baby inside the frame.  Daddy now has the footprints for each of the kids and a special token from each of his first Father’s Days with them.

And me!  I’ve written about it in the past, so there ideas are not originals, but I love having them in my back pocket for ‘Father Day’ emergency gifts. They are right up most dad’s alley & very affordable!

Pick dad’s favorite sports team and purchase a new T-shirt (preferable with a white background). Have your children put hand or foot prints on the back of the t-shirt with their name and age (with fabric paint). I’ve done this gift for the last two world cup soccer tournaments and it’s been a really cool way to document the growth of my family over a 4 year period and just how much they’ve grown. And – Dad gets a great t-shirt that he’s proud to wear with his team on the front and his even more beloved team on the back.

A favorite gift that both my father-in-law, my dad, and my husband have all loved receiving in the past are Shutterfly photo books. This company has the easiest and most attractive design layouts on the market and you don’t have to be a ‘techie’ to figure it out. You simply select a design background, upload pictures, then give the photos captions that dad will enjoy. You may be thinking its too late to order and receive a photo book by Father’s Day. Well you are correct.  BUT – you can still make the book, order it, and send dad a link to the album where he can view all the wonderful pictures and captions and enjoy online for Sunday. He’ll be so excited to receive the photo book later in the month to enjoy for many years on his coffee table.

Thank you to all the guests that took the time to share their Father’s Day memories, ideas, and even a recipe! I hope you enjoy your Father’s Day this weekend and remember to relax and just enjoy the moments.

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Earthy Mother’s Day Ideas

All moms love to putter in the garden because it’s so relaxing and we know kids love it!  This Mother’s Day, don’t break the bank to show mom you care.  Instead, treat the entire family to some earthy gifts selected with imagination, sprinkled with Etsy magic, and you’re ready to wow that sweet mama in your life.  Here are some links and pictures meant to inspire when you’re out shopping this weekend.

I can’t think of a cuter idea than planting a few bright, happy flowers and decorating with metal garden signs that tell mom how much you care.  They even have personalized garden signs – too cute for a birthday idea for that special gardener in your life.  Here is a picture of my top pick from Metal Garden Art:

 A really great price point and something each child could bring to mom with her french toast and coffee Mother’s Day morning are these adorable chalk board flower pots.  Have each child write a special message to mama.  Check out more adorable ideas from the Moxie Sisters Etsy shop.


And if the planting of signs, seeds, or flowers fails ~ try encouraging other mamas to come nest in your yard by giving mom a birdhouse.  The kids can personalize it and the entire family can enjoy watching small birds find comfort and a place to nest. I love these swallow houses from Duck A Bush Woodworks:

A gift from the hearts of children will always be appreciated by Mom.  This year plant flowers or grow and nurture a backyard project that Mom can enjoy all spring and summer.  It will have a big impact with children and they’ll be so proud of their hard work when presenting their special gift to Mom this Mother’s Day.



Happy Mother’s Day

What a wonderful reason to spend time with your children…Mother’s Day.  Some might call it a commercially created holiday for consumers, but mothers will not agree. We see the little things our families do to make this day special for us.  Francesco has been scrambling to cover his handmade card at the craft table the last few days.  I can’t wait to see what he’s created.  That is what the day is about for me.  Being so proud of the fact I’m a mom and even more proud of my children.  And if it creates moments that I can remember forever, then I’m SO grateful that this holiday exists.

This year, I’ve already received my gift.  I have the memory of my Mother’s Day tea at Angelo’s preschool, not just the incredible time in the classroom, but of all the adorable comments and actions surrounding it.  If there wasn’t a Mother’s Day, I wouldn’t have the memory of Angelo asking me if I’d wear my cloppy shoes (heels), a pretty dress, and fix my hair nicely.  Francesco chimming in to request makeup even though he wasn’t attending the event. <smile>  Then watching Angelo’s beautiful little face proudly hold my hand the entire tea and sing all the songs in ernest because he was so happy to have me by himself.  After, we would take a magical forest walk and freak out with excitement when we saw two wookpeckers or when we discovered tracks in the mud and decided they were deer tracks (thinking a bear was way to scary), then coming out of the forest and walking by a property with horses where we would sit and talk for an hour. Those 3 hours I got alone with one of my children was the best present I could ever receive and I thank my amazing husband for realizing by taking the day off work to handle the other kids, he has already given me a gift that I’ll always cherish.  Typing this memory makes my eyes brim with tears – I hope I’ve given the day justice with it’s description. 

Many years ago when I was expecting Francesco, I wrote something to frame in his room.  I’m not a great writer, but maybe it describes the feeling you have for your children.  Happy Mother’s Day.

From the first time I could imagine how you would look, I wanted you more than anything.
From the first time I saw a Mother calm her baby I knew this was my purpose.

Cry and I will soothe you.  Fall and I will kiss you.
Always know that two people tried harder than anything to have you.

Come to me quickly because I need you to complete my life.
I already know I want brothers and sisters for you.

Come to me quickly so I can kiss your cheeks and rock you to sleep.
All the while your father will sing.

Come to us and always know you are a miracle.



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