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Alternatives To Freezing Food In Plastic

The feedback to the article about Graze Organic ~ a company trying to eliminate our need for plastic baggies ~ really got people commenting. The next question has been ‘how do I eliminate using plastic freezer bags for food storage?’  I’ve touched upon some alternatives in the past, but recently tried using a stainless steel solution from The Tickle Trunk and would love to share.  Here are my recommendations for eliminating freezing with plastic wrap or bags from your food storage.

Stainless Steel:

The Tickle Trunk is now carrying top of the line, stainless steel grade 18/10 food containers that seal air tight because of the awesome design of the silicone lid that latches closed so the food inside is free from air entering the container. The design is great and the quality is wonderful, with a great price-tag for stainless steel.  Look for the containers on The Tickle Trunk site that are made in Korea and are 18/10 steel grade as a new freezing alternative. This will solve the problem of people trying to store frozen food in glass jars in their freezer, because you quickly run into a space problem. These stainless steel containers are stack-able and can be purchased in a full range of sizes ~ small enough to freeze baby food, pesto, etc. to a large enough container for full size lasagna! The body of this container is dishwasher safe, but because of the silicone around the lid, this part should be hand-washed.

    stainless steel food storage containers stacked


These products are timeless and still very popular and effective for freezing food – Pyrex, CorningWare, and Anchor Hocking.  All of these glass food storage solutions have stood the test of time and are wonderful for baking, fridge storage, and effective with freezing food or sauce. If you are looking to completely eliminate plastic, it’s tough to find an airtight lid for these products that isn’t plastic. Most come with plastic lids, but rest assured that the plastic is made from food safe #5 plastic, but the exercise here is to eliminate plastic from touching your food while it’s stored in the freezer. If you are concerned about the plastic lid, but like these products, I would say just don’t pack it full enough so that the food is touching the lid. These products always seem to be on sale at Walmart, Target, Save-On-Foods, etc. so you can’t beat their price-point.


Other options:

Tin Foil can be used for short term freezing of chicken, etc.  I almost typed parchment paper but then started wondering what that slippery coating on the surface contained. I researched it and the material that makes it such a great help for baking because of the non-stick factor is a plastic coating. I guess I won’t be recommending that one for these purposes!

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Organic, Non-Toxic Gift Ideas For Baby

I’ve been slowly gathering ideas because there are a few special people in my world expecting babies.  What would a person that is starting to learn wayyyyy too much about toxic baby products give as a baby gift?  Here is a compilation of very affordable ideas that I’ve bookmarked over the last few months. I’m sure there’s a few you haven’t seen!

1. Milk Lush, organic baby quilt. Made by an amazingly talented new mom, her line of organic quilts are  the perfect size.  These are a special, affordable, and a unique present. Her choice of fabrics is magical and each quilt is one of a kind made with 100% cotton, stuffed with organic cotton batting, and the side that is dreamy next to a baby is minky. (If you haven’t felt this material…it is amazingly soft!) It has tabs for baby to chew and that can attach to the stroller or carrier so you don’t loose it. She is currently sold out of her quilts, but will have new designs on her Etsy site on August 15th so stay tuned!  Check out these sweet designs from Ashely.


2. Whipstitch Backstitch These Eco-friendly stuffies will be available in the Fall, (I’m just a tease) but I had to show off this latest find! A wildly talented artist has created environmentally conscious creatures that children will adore! Looking for the perfect 1st friend or stuffie for baby? These are hand stitched with love and are filled with Ecofill stuffing (recycled plastic that is non-toxic). Continue Reading →



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