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Top 5 Green Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Okay…I think these 5 gift ideas are awesome for Mother’s Day gifts.  Some are green, some not, but I would be super happy to receive any of these. <Ray are you reading this?>  You might want to use the ‘Share This’ link at the bottom of this article and forward to your guy! 🙂 Or any daddies visiting…read on!

Number 5:

No cut flowers.  Come on guys….move away from the pesticide ridden bouquets of flowers that just require work on our behalf.  I have 4 children…I don’t want to have to feed or water anything else.  If the mommy in your life enjoys flowers or gardening, why not buy her a tree or bush that flowers at this time every year.  She will always remember your thoughtfulness when the buds begin to bloom.  The Magnolia and Cherry Blossom trees are so amazing this time of year!  Beautify your yard and the planet with this gift!

Number 4:

Ebay gift certificate.  Do you have a mom in your life that is too busy to shop?  Maybe has 4 young children that render her house-bound <Ray, are you reading?>  ha ha… but seriously.  Some of us love to shop, but just aren’t able to get to the malls anymore.  Ebay has gift certificates, so the mom you are buying for can have anything she wants.  I would have listed Etsy for this gift certificate idea, but they don’t offer this service yet.  The next best thing to Etsy is Ebay so there you go!

Number 3:

Canvas tote filled with ‘green’ treasures.  There are some amazing reusable tote bags out there.  They are trendy, cute, and great for the environment!  You can throw in some fillers like: a yoga mat/yoga gift certificate, organic tee, Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottle, gardening gloves/equipment, gift certificates to a favorite store/spa/restaurant.  Any of these ‘filler’ goodies are icing on the cake after receiving the adorable new tote!

Number 2:

Lululemon  gift certificate.  You know the reason all young children will grab onto any pair of black lulu pants…it’s because the decal works as a beacon for moms and children.  My kids just look for that symbol and start to leg clutch!  Why?  ALL Mom’s LOVE lululemon!  They might not like the prices, but you can’t beat that magical place where they hit your abdomen and  make you look slimer and suck everything in.  I have cheap black yoga pants that never get worn, now that I have my lulus.  Just to make it easier for you…call their 1-800 number and mail the gift certificate to your house: 1-877-263-9300.

Number 1:

Family Jewlery!  I’ve written about this in a past article, but I can’t think of anything more meaningful, affordable, and simply lovely as having a unique piece of jewelry with the names of your children to wear proudly on your body.  One talented artist, Jane Eskuri, features her wonderful family necklaces on her website.  Order this suggestion soon, as Mother’s Day will be here in no time.

I hope these ideas help you or inspire your own. I know that most busy moms are happy to be adorned with hugs and kisses on Mother’s Day….anything else is a bonus.



Wearing Your Children? Latest Trends with Jewelry and Tattoos

I have to laugh at the latest trend of ‘baby wearing’. That was a requirement when I left my house because my stroller wouldn’t accommodate 4 kids.  I always had one of my twins in a Baby Bjorn and they loved it.   It was precious 1-1 time shared with whoever was lucky enough (or fussy enough) to wind up being ‘worn’.

Now that my kids are older, I have to admit I miss ‘wearing’ them. For awhile now I’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo….something that represents all 4 and the love I have for them. I saw a woman with cascading butterflies coming over her shoulder and thought it would be wonderful to have 5 with the first letter of each of their names (my hubby included).

If I could have Kat Von D from LA Ink magically appear in my house, I would get a portrait of the kids….she is amazing! But, since the chances of Ray sending me on an all expense paid trip to LA to seek her out are slim (less than slim) it’s going to involve some thought, money, and time to have my kids forever placed on my body. My goal is to have the design decided by my 40th Birthday.

I’ve recently seen another option to ‘baby wearing’ that appeals to me. Having a hand made, custom piece of jewelry with your kids’ names or family expressions printed to keep them close. I have seen necklaces by a local Port Moody artist, Jane Eskuri, and the mommies that own their ‘family jewelry’ are thrilled with her work.  She has a Name Tag Necklace that is hand stamped with your loved ones names…a very sweet way to represent your family. 

Another artist I’m a fan of lists her jewelry on Etsy! It’s like an eBay for all things handmade and is very cool if you haven’t toured around the site. Her virtual store name is Expressions by Erica Jewlery Design and the stuff is adorable. Lots of designs to choose from and custom pieces are welcomed.

The below pictures are from Erica’s site and shows the unique charms that can be added to any piece displaying your kid’s names.

                  Tags for a necklace by artist



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