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Eagle Cam Eco-Activity

With Earth Day approaching, I’ve started hoarding eco-activities and lessons for the month of April that I can participate with my kids.  I was told about the Hancock Wildlife Foundation web site by an amazing preschool teacher and what an exciting activity it is for children to catch a ‘bird’s eye view (couldn’t resist) of eagles interacting courtesy of live eagle cams.  The Hancock Wildlife Foundation that has setup these cams was founded by biologist David Hancock.  The mission statement or goal of this foundation has such an important message with promoting the conservation of wildlife and its habitats through science, education, and stewardship.  The fact that Bald Eagles are endangered is also a great conversation to have with your children about the importance of protecting our environment and the animals that live within it.

The Hancock Foundation has installed various live wildlife cams and it’s amazing to study these proud, beautiful eagles; it’s fascinating to watch them so close in their nest tending to their eggs, nest and each other.  Check out these live streaming videos!  The forum on this site is also packed with information, pictures, and live cams of other animals from Africa to Vancouver Island.  A great computer activity if you are looking for a break from the Nick Jr. or Lego web sites and with April just beginning, it’s the perfect month to celebrate more earth friendly web sites for kids.



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