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Cranky Pants – Guaranteed To Make You Smile!

It’s not very often an item of clothing makes me gasp in excitement, unless it’s on sale for a great price. Well, a few weeks ago I first saw Cranky Pants.  What a special, unique, adorable, addition to a toddler’s wardrobe.  Check out this picture before I go further so you grasp how cute these are.

Images from Cranky Pant’s site:

Do you not want a pair for yourself? And if you think the classic monster style is cute…check out their sock monkey and jolly roger designs.  They are the cutest thing ever and I’m so glad I didn’t discover this before my twins turned two, otherwise my name would be on the wait-list.  Yes, these little gems are not easy to get your hands on.  The company has forged a partnership with a Fair Trade Federation certified knitting cooperative in Peru, so the growing pains of ensuring their products are ethically produced, has slowed production of these obviously sought out items.  The ‘longies’ are full length, hand knit using 100% wool from the Peruvian Highlands.  Cool to note this company has been around since 2004 and have done an incredible job of growing their company responsibly.  And their customer base agrees!  Cranky Pants will produce ‘custom’ orders but because of the huge demand, they play a lottery system to take these special orders.  You can view some of these custom creations on their blog and OMG….what creative customers and knitters.  Check out this custom creation…

My owl obsession is expanding to toadstools and hedgehogs.  <smile> These ‘longies’ aren’t cheap with a price tag of $80, but some special items are worth the cost…imagine the Fall/Winter pictures of your little person wearing their ‘cranky pants’.  I just love the name and guaranteed it made you smile!



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