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Celebrate Your Little Girl’s Love For Fairies – Make A Toadstool!

While at our Ecology Centre today, I noticed their adorable mushroom stool / toadstool inspired chairs for little kids to pull over to the craft table.  As I was moving the toadstools I noticed they were custom made, very earthy as the bark was still on the base of the wood.  They were so adorable I got to thinking how I could have these made for my girls who are already big fairy fans.  The stools were so unique and nature inspired – you almost expected to see a little gnome or fairy lurking nearby.

Fairies are very popular with young girls right now.  I believe Disney is releasing a big ‘Disney Fairy’ movie this Fall and the less commercialized, nature loving butterfly girls ‘The Little Humbugs’ are gaining serious momentum.  Celebrate your child’s love for fairies by making her a custom toadstool for her room or play area.  We know how expensive room decor is for children’s spaces, save money and create it yourself!  I found the video and instructions on Martha Stewart and they don’t look all that hard to make.  We know from my trials making home made play dough, I’m not a naturally crafty person….but I think I can do this!  Before I list the instructions…check out the picture of the finished toadstool from Martha’s site.  You could buy felt to match the colors of your child’s room – these are just SO cute!


Source: Martha Stewart site

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