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Kid’s Nutrition: How to Ensure You Are Buying Healthy Brown Bread

A few months ago when I heard our local dietitian Jen speak at our school (her presentation was so excellent it changed the course of my parenting) she gave some incredible tips on how to choose healthy brown bread. She tossed 4 loaves of bread into the crowd of parents and asked us to pick which we thought would be healthy. Some of them looked the equivalent of white bread and some had titles like ‘7 grain’, etc. We all selected the healthiest looking bread, but of course the titles were deceptive. Isn’t it incredible to think that certain brands of brown bread are nothing more than white bread with ‘molasses’ listed as an ingredient because that is the ingredient that actually ‘dyes’ the bread?  You assume that whole wheat is taking care of darkening the color of bread, but in actual fact, you cannot tell by the color of bread or by the name if it’s a nutritious choice.

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