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Young, Hip, Impossible To Buy For? Hello Billy Would…

Haha…everything I’m not young and hip, although I think I’m pretty easy to buy for. We all have those wonderful people in our lives that are impossible to shop for because they can purchase high-end, very hip items themselves.  No I’m not talking about kids. Whether it’s grown nephews, nieces, siblings, child care providers, teachers, or friends. Well – I have the store for you.  Seriously, I’ve shopped there a few times, I’ve written about it a few times, and every time I see Billy Would’s new products I’m more convinced that this is the only store you need to find amazing gifts for those ‘hard to buy for’ people on your Christmas list. Another bonus is Billy Would is an online store so you don’t need to be local to enjoy Adea’s designs.

So many times it’s hard to classify a designer that produces jewelry or accessories so closely resembling art so I won’t label Adea – owner of Billy Would Designs. Her highly polished modern wood jewelry collection are sourced from reclaimed hardwoods that are clean and earthy in design – perfect for any person on your ‘tricky’ to buy for list. Hard to imagine these eco-friendly pieces were once defected wood or discarded furniture. My all time favorite design is her tree pendant. I gave this necklace to a very special friend for Christmas two years ago and she just loves it!

Crank up the cool factor and check out the Billy Would belt buckles made from throw away skateboards. All of these buckles are literally one of a kind and super cool you can see the layers of the skateboard when you turn the belt buckles on it’s side. I purchased one of these last week from Billy Would for the toughest person to buy for on my list. The story behind these accessories is guaranteed to wow any lucky recipient.  The finished product is also very contemporary and fresh – they really stand out with a pair of jeans on both men and women. Also a great price point at $35.  Best chance at finding these skateboard buckles before Christmas is if you’re local to Vancouver, is checking out the One Of A Kind Show in Vancouver this weekend. Billy Would is showing there with so many more talented artists, designers, craftspeople that are so inspiring and amazing.

My mom was with me when we checked out the Billy Would table last weekend and she thought the pendants and skateboard buckles were very cool and interesting too. So whatever the age, people just appreciate art and the stories behind them. This is such a trend with gift giving this Christmas and I’m so happy to write about these talented people. Thanks and happy holidays!



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