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Am I Mom Enough?

Have you seen the latest Time Magazine article? It’s gained a lot of attention, and I don’t like to give sensationalized writing more attention but with the timing of the article published right before Mother’s Day I need to write about it. The article title  ‘Are You Mom Enough’ alone has really upset me and wow did Time ever miss the mark of the article’s message. Here is the cover for those that have missed it:

Is this really appropriate for a magazine the weekend before Mother’s Day?  Seriously? Just the cover’s picture would suggest that unless you are skinny, with perky boobs and breast feeding (apparently in public), you are not ‘mom enough’. Too bad Time felt they had to make mothers feel worse about themselves when we should be celebrating all moms – not sensationalizing the latest hot spot in social media about attachment parenting,  nursing toddlers and nursing in public.  Why do I think it a pure insult for all mothers – even those that follow attachment parenting principles, breast feeding, and beyond? In my 8 years of nursing children, I have never nursed standing up…it’s not natural and quite frankly would have been painful for me. The model/mom/actress on the cover does not represent a mom that has birthed children and nursed for several years – it’s just not a realistic image. It’s an insulting enough picture to moms that have breastfed babies into toddler hood – I can’t image how the words and picture would make a mom feel that wasn’t able to breast feed. Probably similar to how I feel when I read articles about having C-sections not being equal to the natural childbirth experience and therefore (without meaning to) make me feel like’ I’m Not Mom Enough’. Mothers don’t need any reminders of ways we are not ‘mom enough’ because we already remind ourselves daily of things we could do differently and improve…constantly beating ourselves up internally and why? Because we are mothers – all doing the best that we can. Constantly inundated with visuals, Pinterest, and social media that makes us doubt everything we’ve done along our journey as mothers. I feel it when I hear moms talk about recipes I could never manage, sewing memory blankets or books, crafting and teaching pres-preschoolers to read. The competitive nature of parenting doesn’t need any fuel including an act as intimate as nursing your child.

As parents we need to focus on the positive aspects of our journey and understand that if you’ve had a child, through your body or not, you are ‘mom enough’. For any mom that has gazed at her child and already wondered ‘Am I Mom Enough?’ – let me reassure you that you already are.



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