Superpowers In The Forest

Kids will listen and absorb information when it’s fun and cool!  We learned about the animal (invertebrates to be exact) with super powers many years ago on a nature walk. My oldest son has never forgotten it because relating nature with identifiable facts is what keeps learning interesting for kids!  Here is a picture of what reminded us of superpowers in the forest – the most beautiful banana slug I’ve ever seen. We watched it move for 10 minutes..I couldn’t get over it’s size and how it was moving along the forest floor using it’s tentacles. It’s included in this short video narrated by Francesco who is 10 years old. All these years later he remembers and shares why slugs have superpowers!

Video – discover a super power during your next nature walk!


Francesco makes reference to licking a slug. He did this years ago with a parks board guide because slugs can numb gums and tongues. The native culture used this for toothaches. I wouldn’t recommend trying this unless you are sure the species of slugs is safe because I do know certain slugs contain parasites (black slugs) and you wouldn’t want to be licking that!  Banana slugs are perfect for gently trying the super glue fun with a finger!  Rub gently twice, wave finger in the air to make it tacky, pick up an item from the forest floor.  Guaranteed your child will never forget who has superpowers!

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