Stuffies Come Alive From A Child’s Art

Do you have an imaginative child that has created ‘friends’ on paper through drawing or paint?  Did they ever love one character so much, you wished you could bring them to life?  Well now you can!  Wendy, a Vancouver Mom started the company Child’s Own that takes a child’s artwork and transforms it into something 3-dimensional.  Imagine your child’s delight to have one of their unique creations from a drawing come to life in the form of a stuffy for them to love and cherish.  What a wonderful way to celebrate childhood with a unique memento to hug and love.  The special product that Wendy produces is exactly like the pictures she receives.  And in our world of mass media – what a wonderful message to teach children that their 6 legged dog or 3-eyed princess drawings are special because they were born from their imaginations and are magical as-is and should be celebrated.

What do you need to get started?  Simply submit your child’s drawing and a meaningful photo if you would like that included in the softy’s design.  Then Wendy sets to work selecting the appropriate fabric: cotton, felt, silks, polar fleece, etc.  The softies are filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill and the photo is added if you choose to personalize in this way.  One artist to another, the creation is born.  Here are some pictures of creations that have come to life and they look amazing!




Wow – what an amazing idea that is so special and unique.  You couldn’t ask for a better gift than this custom child’s stuffie!  I’ll now be on the look-out for that next drawing that stands out as something special from one of my kids.  Further to the stuffy, you could make a story with the adventures of the character and then act it out or create a puppet-show.  The creativity from this idea just keeps flowing, well after Wendy complets the final product.  If you are reading this article from far and away…Child’s Own will ship within North America.


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