Christmas Stocking Magic – Of Course It’s Etsy!

The two things that stand out about Christmas for me as a child was announcing after every Christmas “This was the BEST Christmas ever!” (and meaning it) and seeing the brimming stockings hanging on the fireplace as I made my way down the stairs wayyy too early in the morning.  Our stockings were truly magical Christmas decorations because they were handmade with felt.  My Mom was a little ‘Etsy’ and could accomplish anything she put her mind to. 

Well I just found this Etsy artist and her felt stockings will melt your heart.  Looking for the perfect stocking for this Holiday? Of course…you’ll find it on Etsy!  And if you order before midnight today (Nov 23rd) you can order 3 and receive the 4th for free at Rikrak’s Etsy Shop…the choices are endless. Check out this ‘fun’ line!  All pictures from Rikrak’s Etsy Shop:


Looking for a 1st Christmas stocking for baby?  Check out the detail on top:

Here is the perfect deal for my family.  Buy three stockings *until midnight Nov 23rd* and receive a 4th for free.  Look at this red, cream creme, ivory package that is perfect for my clan!  What a wonderful, festive, and sustainable time of year!


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