State Of The World’s Mother’s 2013

This Mother’s Day I was searching for an article with deeper meaning to me personally. I’ve really gotten to that place in life that for my birthday, Mother’s Day, and celebrations for me – I feel nothing but blessed to have my healthy children surrounding me. So when Jeremy from Save The Children Canada shared with me some of the amazing work they do with the challenges facing mothers and newborns worldwide, I knew I wanted to share them with you. Each year, Save the Children release this index of the challenges facing mothers and newborns worldwide, from Canada to the Congo.  This review looks at key indicators such as maternal mortality, child mortality, educational attainment, political status of women and country economic strength to “rank” the best and worst places for mothers and babies.  This year, we also have a special focus on the first day of a baby’s life, highlighting  how the birth day represents the most dangerous day for mothers and newborns alike, especially in developing countries.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful Global mamas and their stories. Here are two and the difference Save The Children has brought to their lives.

Photo credit: Michael Tsegaye/Save the Children A mother with her newborn child at Dessie Referral Hospital in Afar region, Ethiopia.  Save the Children staff refer girls and women with health problems from rural Amhara to the hospital and assist them in their journey there.

Photo credit: Alfonso Daniels/Save the Children.  In Sierra Leone, one of the worst places in the world to be a mother: Fatmara, 21,  lost a baby a few years ago after giving birth in the floor of her shack.  She recently gave birth successfully at the clinic opened by Save the Children in Susan’s Bay slum in April 2012.  She also benefits from free healthcare for mothers and children under 5 introduced by the government two years ago, thanks in part to lobbying from Save the Children and other organizations.

It’s an incredibly powerful campaign Surviving The First Day. Imagine becoming a Mother and this is your greatest worry – your child surviving the first day and then month of life because of low cost solutions . Click here to find out what Save The Children is doing to help – even Canada (ranked 22) and the US (ranked 30) could be doing better. Find out how.


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