Soccer Saturday – Getting Ready For Rain!

I’ve spent this weekend either at the skating rink or soccer field and for me it’s the best way to spend a weekend! The soccer field was damp and it rained lightly and funny enough it wasn’t my boys who were actually playing soccer that made me start thinking about rain gear. It was their little fans (their younger sisters) who were standing and watching in the wet weather that encouraged me to take some inventory of appropriate rain gear for my kids. Since it’s just going to get colder and well, more wet – I started to research options for umbrella, boots, and rainwear. Two of my favourite online retailers came up in my searches so I’m thrilled to save you some time with researching. Also, before I talk about PVC-free gear for staying dry on the soccer sidelines – I wanted to mention an awesome product that we’ve used for 2 soccer seasons and they are always a hit with coaches and other parents when it’s our turn to bring oranges for the team. The 3-tier Family Tiffin from Green Planet Parties is the perfect eco-solution for transporting food and carting away the waste to later compost, recycle, or trash. This large, stackable, stainless steel tiffin is great for a families on the go – just load up your layers in the morning and you have snacks for the entire day. I love being able to load up two layers of sandwiches in only one layer of the tiffin! Another layer with a couple of types of fruits and the 3rd layer for dry stock and veggies. Please note – these pictures are from the Green Planet Parties site – not pictures I’ve taken with my camera. These tiffins are currently on sale and a great investment!

Next up on the agenda for ‘soccer Saturday’ is rainwear and both of the online retail shops I’m featuring have amazing product knowledge and great gear! Puddle Gear is owned by Alex…one eco-savvy mama! This line of PVC and phthalate free, water proof, breathable rain gear that she carries is timeless because the designs are styled to last many years. The quality is European standard (made in Europe by Abeko) and check out the waterproof mitts while you’re on the site – perfect for everyday wear,  skating or skiing. Puddle Gear jackets, mittens, full suits or pants are amazing quality, high end, and a wonderful investment made for puddle jumping this time of year!

Next our friends at Organically Hatched have the answer for PVC-free rain boots, PVC-free umbrellas and cute jackets for preschool or park days.  Water proof and PVC-free umbrellas sized for my girls would have been the perfect ticket yesterday while they watched big brothers play back-to-back soccer games. Umbrellas seem to be the ultimate in accessories to keep kids happy – they love them! Designed for the younger crowd, the Hatley rainwear at Organically Hatched is adorable – from matching boots, raincoats, and umbrellas – you cannot go wrong.  I’m pretty sure Hatley manufactures it’s products overseas which makes sense from the point point but I love the company’s dedication to PVC and phthalate free rain gear that children will love.

Rain gear that is breathable and high quality is a wonderful investment because without using PVC, the material is breathable and more comfortable for children. Once you’ve purchased rain gear that works – get outside an play. Have fun in nature and enjoy the best season of the year!


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