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Most of us avoiding plastic at the grocery store have a sure fire way to transport groceries by now – right? Even if you forget your reusable bags and the store doesn’t provide paper, I’ve previously talked about two great alternatives: ask the produce grocer for a cardboard veggie box to keep loose items or just stack food directly into your shopping cart. But this can be tricky for certain foods: produce you purchase in bulk (potatoes, oranges/apples, etc.) and heads of lettuce. Lettuce being the trickiest of course because without that plastic produce bag, your normally wet lettuce has to touch the turn-belt (ewww) and needs to be stored in something somewhat air-tight in your fridge. Well – not anymore. I’m super excited to welcome Gogobags as the latest sponsor to Mommy Footprint and after testing her new Fresh bag – I’m very happy to share a solution for shopping and storing tricky food!

Here is a picture I took while in the grocery store of my red and green leaf lettuce in the medium sized Gogo Fresh Bag:

Sorry you don’t see more of the lettuce in this bag but the produce Manager at my local organics store was looking at me funny while taking this picture. =)  But the most important picture is the one below – I took it 4 days later of the lettuce I pulled out of my fridge:

The lettuce still looked fresh and tasted great! The Fresh bags are made from 100% cotton and I love that I can shop with the bags, they are light so they don’t add additional weight to my purchase, and then I can put them directly into the fridge to store produce. I received the medium fresh bag from GoGo Bags and it really is perfect for lettuce. It has a draw string clasp so it’s not air tight, but I think we live in a society where air tight plastic is overrated. How did our grandparents keep food fresh 60 years ago before plastic was invented? We need to get back to these ways of food storage and the cotton bags you’ll find on this site will help.

I got the opportunity to also see the GoGo Fresh Bag long and it was tempting to not buy this bag to hold carrots and celery. If you struggle with using plastic for purchasing these items and fridge storage -this is the bag for you! But for my use I only need the medium Fresh bag as lettuce is the only item I don’t feel comfortable laying on the turn belt at checkout and it gets really slimy when it’s left out in the fridge. I’m a happy girl!

My mom and I both purchased GoGo mesh produce bags and I’m really enjoying these too!  It’s a treat to go shopping and purchase 15 oranges or potatoes in bulk and have a mesh cotton bag to keep them together at the checkout line and at home. With my kids loving the organic Christmas oranges arriving in stores – here is a picture of my latest shop with GoGo produce bags!

I really like the larger mesh bags for bulk buying.  I mentioned my mom purchased these bags also – she is giving a set of 4 as a gift to a co-worker. It got me thinking that either the produce or fresh bags would make amazing teacher or co-worker gifts! Something that everyone needs, but might not know where to find. Well, you can find them online at and the owner Anahita makes the bags by hand making this small business special. Feel good about supporting a small business that is making a big impact in the world with eliminating single use plastic.


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3 Responses to Plastic Free Produce Shopping

  1. Crunchy Mama November 20, 2012 at 12:15 pm #

    Great bags! My daughter made me some of these recently, and I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be getting a few more for Christmas! 😉 Please tell me where you have seen the organic mandarins! I believe that we live close to you, and we have been anxiously awaiting them! Thanks.

  2. suzanne November 20, 2012 at 12:21 pm #

    Hi Crunchy Mama! Thanks for the comment and we’ve already purchased several bulk bags of organic oranges at Planet Organic. They are delicious!

  3. Crunchy Mama November 20, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    Thanks for the info Suzanne. Drat! It’s right across the street from our old favourite Chinese restaurant. We haven’t been there in 3 years, since we changed our diets drastically. I know the kids (okay, all of us!) will get the cravings. Dare we? I’m actually scared to eat in many restaurants nowadays as our stomachs can’t handle it now that we’re “cleaned out”! 😉

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