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If I wanted to be honest with myself, I know one reason I haven’t encouraged my daughters to take dance/ballet classes is the behind-the-scenes glamor of dance. I would be handed a makeup and hair chart from a very nice instructor and I’d melt down. The ‘made-up’ faces of little dancers has always bothered me and dance moms have told me they aren’t allowed to stray from the requested make-up … even if they want to purchase a mineral based brand. I know the concerts where make-up is required are only a few times a year – I just don’t think I’d handle it well. My girls seem to excel at sports at the moment that don’t require make-up so everyone is happy. Hair maintenance however is getting a little trickier…

My daughters have become active with gymnastics and I noticed the girls wear high ponytails with the front ‘slicked back’. To achieve this look without using traditional hair products like styling gel, I used my coconut oil to style their hair (while dry) and slicked back into a ponytail. It worked! The coconut oil will not give hold to hair like gel, but it’s a very effective deep conditioner and gives hair that ‘day old’ look after washing. My own hair can be very frizzy and because I use organic hair-care it’s on the dry side. I condition with coconut oil through the ends of my hair after every time I wash it. I love how it tames my hair and I wear it down all the time now…I used to be the ponytail mom but love how my long hair looks with this de-tangler and frizz-er. Read more about using coconut oil as a deep conditioner here.

The topic of hair gel has come up in our household a few times. My boys look very handsome after a hair cut with some gel in their hair. They are getting to that age where they want some primping for special occasions. For those parents looking for a product with hold – not just the shine of coconut oil, the Miessence Team has you covered – organic hair styling products! Miessence is a trusted brand and USDA certified.

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  1. Hair gel August 9, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

    My favourite hair gel is just the mucilage from flaxseeds! All it takes is a tablespoon of whole flax in a cup of water boiled for a couple of minutes and strained (I use an old nylon stocking). You have to keep it in the fridge but it’s ridiculously cheap and healthy.

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