Natural Pod – A Shopping Experience That Inspires Love Of Nature

Well, I’m back from the Vancouver Trunk Show, a little weary,  but happy to have networked and met some amazing momentrepreneurs.  I always find myself needing to write after these mom fairs because the women are inspirational and their products are so well developed and wonderful for children.  The usual case for mom’s starting web or home based businesses are to fill a void in the industry that was only discovered because they started a family.

One business that always catches my eye is Natural Pod.  This is an online store, but the heart of the business is local on Vancouver Island.  Their natural play items are mindful of the environment and very creative. One item I noticed by their table last Friday, is a product called Tree Branch BlocksNatural Pod first brought in this product from Germany, but in the quest to keep their footprint small and support local craftsmen, the product is now produced on Vancouver Island, from the fast growing Alder tree.   I’ve always said that the only toy I would invest in for the under 1 crowd are blocks.  I’m a big fan of creative play that helps with coordination and is fun for parents too!  Well, introduce your child to nature and building with this heart stopping beautiful stacking toy.  Ready for an image so you know what I’m gushing about?   Pictures from the Natural Pod site:

The edges of this building toy are totally smooth and this nature inspired building set is completely safe and non-toxic – no worries if a block (or stump I should say) ends up in a teething child’s mouth.  This toy is a very special investment and would make a magical Christmas or 1st Birthday present.  Presentation is everything and the very soft, locally crafted bag the blocks arrive in makes another subtle statement about the beauty of natural looking products, void of wasteful plastic packaging.  These are one of the most special toys I’ve seen for toddlers.  And yes, they are as beautiful in person as the two photographs in this article.


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