My In-laws Are Eco!

My in-laws are Eco! With every passing week I remember things I’ve watched them do over the 15 years I’ve known them and by god, they are probably two of the greenest people I know! It’s a time in their life they probably didn’t expect to be so hip!

My very Italian father-in-law is the king of the 1 mile diet. He has always kept an amazing garden full of beans, tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, and grows abundantly fruitful fig trees. He spends hours tending to his garden and the results are amazing tasting produce. He used to compost with the garden’s soil and this year, our wonderful brother-in-law added solar lights to complete the garden’s look.

When I first started dating Ray, his mom still was recycling her cling wrap. She would wash it, dry and reuse pretty much anything. All clothes were line dryed and wine was made from stomping and bottling their own grapes.  Large vats of sauce was stored in glass jars and made from scratch with wonderful, local ingredients. I’ve even witnessed (to my Canadian horror) that pretty much all parts of a pig can be used. I innocently opened the coat closet and saw and entire pig ‘pickling’ in a large container. Talk about culture shock. But, I’ve heard stories back in the Commercial Drive days, the family raised their own meat sources to consume. I won’t get into those details but it does support eating locally.  <grin>

So as the final hours of Father’s Day come to a close. I think of my in-laws and how healthy, smart, and friendly they’ve been to our planet. They are ahead of their time and they’ve lived their lives making decisions based on common sense and necessity. We can learn a lot from this generation, people in their 70s and 80s that must have thought we’re so wasteful. Another reason I love my father-in-law, he’s watched so many wasteful choices made over the years, but never said a word.

~xo~ Happy Father’s Day – I hope you all enjoyed this special day!


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