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After spending 5 months of writing daily articles, the Mommy Footprint pace will slow down over the next few weeks.  I need my ‘real’ life organized to gear up for the amazing month of Fall and Halloween activities.  I will be back full force to write about my favorite month (October) and the magic it brings to children.  But before I sign off, there are some topics I need to mention – read on and save money!

A quick mention that our latest contest has wrapped up for the 3-tier stainless steel container and the winner, Jackie, has been contacted.  Thank you for the entries and Healthy Kitchenware for donating the prize.

Over the next few weeks, I will be getting my Christmas shopping completed for my kids.  There are sales happening over the next month that I’ve been waiting all year for!  My boys and I also set a goal of marking all the storm drains with fish decals on our busy street–and it’s a long street!   Besides being on count down mode for the Laity Pumpkin Patch to open, I am excited to start begging a very talented photographer to come out of semi-retirement to photograph my family at the pumpkin patch.  I can’t imagine a better backdrop to capture the wonderful ages of my children.  Her name is Heidi and she is the talent behind my banner photo and any of the black and white photos posted on the Mommy Footprint site.  I can’t believe it’s been 1 year since the last photo session at the beach…it was a wonderful experience and she managed to capture expressions on the faces of my children I could only dream of…not to mention the candid shots.  I promise to post a few after I ‘convince’ her it’s a good idea.  She is talented beyond anything you’ve seen – you can check out her pictures from a beautiful blog she’s created called The Space Between.

Back to my excitement over Christmas shopping and upcoming sales. If you are looking for presents for children, babies, or expecting mothers….our friends at Pedagogy Toys and The Village Toy Shop are both having unique, 20% discount sales, on incredible, high-end toys that you’ll never see on sale. Have any Playmobil fans at home?  I have a BIG one here and every year at Kirsten’s Fall sale I order Angelo’s ‘big’ Christmas present from Santa.  Last year it was Noah’s Ark (best present ever!), the year before it was Rock Castle.  These are easily $100 items, so getting 20% off with a guarantee it’ll arrive in time for Christmas is amazing and worth catching the sale!  What is on his Playmobil list this year?  Knights Empire Castle (as Angelo says “I need the good knights to battle the bad knights in Rock Castle!)  Who can argue that kind of logic?  <smile>  If you are a member of their ‘toy club’ the sale starts early for you…September 27, 28, and 29th.  Dates for the public sale are October 1 – 5.

Pedagogy Toys has started private shopping parties and has selected great dates/times for busy moms.  There are three dates appearing on the Pedagogy site that are open for booking.  Grab a few mom friends and shop exclusively.  Arrive at Pedagogy, enjoy wine, appies, and leisurely look at in-store products, catalogues, and enjoy listening to Karen with her amazing product knowledge. Enjoy 20% discount on orders that are guaranteed in plenty of time for Christmas – and they come gift wrapped! 

Online sales worth checking out are perfect for Canadians and US residents!  Healthy Kitchenware is a site dedicated to removing plastic in kitchens and carries a full line of glass and stainless steel food containers.  They are offering free shipping to Canadian and US residents.

You have only today to save up to 75% on summer sale items at Giggle. Check out their deals via this text link and enjoy the savings! Welcome the fall with confidence and style! Shop the giggle Say Goodbye to Summer Sale and receive up to 75% off clothing, artwork and toys from top brands including, Under the Nile, Tea Collection, Tea Red Label, and more. Hurry. Sale ends 9-19-08 or while supplies last!


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