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Teachers, coaches, and tutors. By December, it feels like my kids are with these people more than me. And when they are strong role models that help shape and define my kids into better humans, I want a gift that says “thank you”.

I have a trick when shopping for teachers gifts that helps keep me enthusiastic in the process; I always support local. I figure if I’m way off base and they don’t like my gift, I’ve at least helped a local store owner or talented person that makes original items. And when it comes to the suburbs in Vancouver, there is a store that never disappoints with locally stocked space called Brick and Mortar Living in New Westminster.

Here are 5 gift selections I found at Brick and Mortar Living that I thought were wonderful ideas for holiday gifts for teachers in particular. All these ideas are unique, handmade, and special because of the story behind how they are made.

If we could all get back to shopping for the best story, rather than the best price, our planet would be in such better shape.

My selections range in dollar value from 1 – 5 and could be sourced further abroad if you are not local to Vancouver.

Scrabble Tile Ornaments:

Displayed in cool vintage baking sheets, Brick and Mortar has saved you the time from buying up thrifted Scrabble boards to find your letters. There are so many great projects on Pinterest to make, but sticking with the holiday theme, why not make your teacher a scrabble tile ornament for their tree? You could include a message or name and it’s a budget friendly, fun DIY project!


Mason Jar Cozy:

On-the-go convenience is important and when you can make it reusable with knit and glass, the effect is amazing. Brick and Mortar Living put together these great pieces to make transporting your favourite beverage easy. Included in this picture is a mason jar,  Cuppow adaptor, a reusable @onyxcontainers stainless steel straw, and  knit cozy from @onanaknits. I feel like the knit cozy makes this gift so festive.

brick4Gardener Gift:

A little corner of Brick and Mortar Living has flattened, vintage spoons made into garden markers. These are so cute for a teacher that loves to garden. If you have a group gift you’ve selected from, add a gift certificate to a local garden center and you’ve paired up practical with handmade!  The garden markers featured here are from @andthenagain.


Living Gift:

Many teachers request gifts to beautify the classroom. By design Nature creates these living frames with plants or all sizes. The frame actually reminds you when it’s time to water. There are also smaller and budget friendly magnetic pots too. Cute to stick against a magnetic board in the classroom.



Here is my showstopper. I just can’t think of a more creative gift than these crib boards made from up-cycled barrel staves. Teachers generally like board games and crib is a classic. The upcycled nature of this gift at Brick & Mortar Living are so unique and there is no better story behind a gift.


It is really fun to get to the place in gift giving where after your friend, family member or teacher opens a gift and waits for you to tell the back-story of why and how their gift came to life.  Try to include some local love into your holiday shopping this year. It’s not only fabulous for your community’s health, but feels fantastic to give.


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