Lalabee Bathworks Is Buzzing With Organic Fun

Anyone can guess from my every day appearance that I don’t partake in a daily beauty regime, but as I discover products made with natural beeswax and organic oils, I’m feeling enticed to change.  I’ve become a huge fan of products made from beeswax because it’s so incredibly organic and the fragrance is lovely for my sensitive nose.  So I was delighted to discover the organic delights from BC’s own Lalabee Bathworks. A sampling of the ingredients listed on their mommy and baby product line include natural beeswax, organic sunflower oil, organic olive oil, vitamin E oil to name only a few of these organic goodies!

I’ve been surprising my clan before bedtime with back rubs with Lalabee Bathworks Body Balm. My kids love it and I enjoy the soft, non-greasy texture of the balm.  Even with its title Double Lavender Body Balm the lavender fragrance is very mild, lovely in fact, and the balm absorbs into their skin leaving it feeling gorgeous.  I’ve always steered clear of greasy, body lotions, but this is a wonderful, new ritual we are all enjoying.  Designed for infant massage, I even tried it on my Isabella & her sensitive skin was not bothered with this product.  The balm is a lovely texture and you can really feel the olive and sunflower oil ingredients. 

Savvy Mom wrote in their dream baby shower gift guide that Lalabee Bathworks for babies is a must have for babies’ perfect skin. Wow! The next baby gift or shower you attend, swap out traditional skin care products (Johnson and Johnson for example) because the mom-to-be will love Lalabee’s line of gifts. Their Baby Gift combination of Bottom Balm (must have), Baby Butter, Body Balm, Milk Bath is so affordable at $25!  Another fun product they’ve created are organic bath bombs made with baking soda, organic sunflower and tangerine essential oil to name a few…lovely, fun and safe from hidden chemicals of traditional bath products.  Just what bath time should be.

Lalabee Bathworks is getting some really big buzz for their fantastic products and their concern for the environment with earth friendlier packaging of fully recyclable tins for their balms and biodegradable cellulose bags for gifts. Lalabee supports local economy by making their product line in Canada using certified organic and natural ingredients ~ without any nasty preservatives that traditional skin care lines use to keep products on store shelves for so long. Great job to their founder Sara ~ I’ll be watching closely to see what you come up with next!


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  1. Annemarie May 13, 2009 at 11:18 am #

    I have to say that I think you always look incredibly pulled together – especially knowing how many kids you have!

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