Treatment for Childhood Eczema

There is nothing as heartbreaking as watching the discomfort your child experiences with childhood eczema…especially when they are having a bad flare-up. I thought I was free from any of my kids having this illness, but when the winter months arrived, one of my girls developed her first outbreak.  Poor thing would say “owie” and “itchy” all day long.  I tried the recommended over-the-counter creams from a list issued from our Children’s Hospital, but the Vaseline and glaxal based creams made things worse. She became inflamed, like a burn after I put them on. 

We decided to move to the next step of using a prescription cortisone cream. I was never totally comfortable treating her with this after reading the warnings on the cortisone package. They emphasize to only apply the cream to the afflicted area and to discontinue use after a few days. I wasn’t comfortable thinking this cream might cause my toddler’s skin to break down. Well, the cortisone didn’t work at all on Isabella so I emailed out to the people I trust the most…other moms. At this point her rash was wide-spread, covering her upper torso, behind the knees, patches on her inner elbow and dry patching in the folds of her neck and back.  Thanks to some suggestions from other moms I started to also change household practices and her diet. I also insisted on being referred to a pediatric dermatologist via my family doctor. After 3 months I still haven’t gotten my appointment yet, so thank god I found a solution that worked for my little girl.  Here is the combination of actions that have completely eliminated her discomfort:

Diet:  In regards to diet, all my kids are big on dairy…love their cheese and yogurt. Although my girls are still breastfed, they also enjoy milk in a cup or with cereal.  So the family doctor recommended I stop having dairy and pull her intake to see if this helped the rash.  I only lasted a couple of weeks because it didn’t dent the problem.  (Apparently you would see immediate results if it was a dairy allergy.)

Household:  All the girls’ clothes were double rinsed in the washing machine and I had to retire my beloved dryer sheets (I still miss the smell of my Bounce sheets).  I was spending a fortune on fragrance free detergent (various brands) for sensitive skin, but I’ve recently found an awesome detergent that is cost effective, environmentally responsible, and her skin hasn’t reacted to anything in it.  The brand is called Earth Friendly Products and I’m using Ecos Liquid Laundry Detergent. I found mine (by accident) at Costco but you can use the store locator application from their web site to locate a store nearby that carries it. It’s a US family owned company, but the locator works for Canadians too!

Solution:  During this trial and error time period of trying different creams, I was told about a product that has completely cleared up her irritating rashes!  It’s been an absolute life saver and has eased all of her discomfort from scratching.  Within the first two days of using it….her eczema almost totally disappeared!!   It’s name is Spectro Kids EczemaCare Intense Moisturizing Cream and is sold over the counter as it contains no prescription ingredients (steroid or cortisone).   It’s been months and we’ve been using it nightly to keep the eczema in check.  I’m waiting to see a specialist and have her opinion, but I am 100% completely happy with the results from this cream.  If I miss using it for more than 2 nights, her rough, inflamed skin comes back, which is why I still need to visit a pediatric dermatologist.  I’ll post on this topic again after seeing the specialist to see what else she recommends, but I am happy with this solution.

With lots of laundry from the 4 kids, I’ve stopped double rinsing clothes and she is obviously back on all dairy foods.  Between the Ecos Liquid Laundry Detergent and Spectro cream we have found a solution that is working for our little girl.  She even brings me her “keem” (cream) and says “me, owie, keem” because she wants me to put it on.  So if your kids have a bad outbreak and you haven’t found anything to help sooth or clear up the inflammation, Isabella and her mommy highly recommend it!


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9 Responses to Treatment for Childhood Eczema

  1. Caitmin May 8, 2008 at 4:33 pm #

    Often children’s skincare products can contain unnecessary ingredients such as colors or fragrance. But also look out for harsh preservatives, like parabens, which can trigger an eczema flare-up.

    I found a really useful site that lets you compare the ingredients of several leading brands, its from a company called exederm

    They make ultra hypoallergenic skin care products for kids with eczema or dermatitis

    Children’s Eczema Resource

  2. Michelle May 9, 2008 at 12:18 pm #

    My 2yr. son has facial eczema and sometimes a rash on his neck and upper chest. I have tried many creams (corts) seen 2 allergist and 2 dermatologist. He has been hospitalized for breathing issues as well.
    I have been looking into a lot of ingredients in cleaning products and detergents along with body washes. Scary!! I tried ecover laundry detergent, why do you like ecos so much and have you tried others like ecover and seventh gen.? I have used all free and clear since he was born. However, I am not sure if it is an issue or not, but I want to change anyways.
    Also, what do you use to bath your children? I have used bebeologie and california baby. He is a little more red when he comes out of the h20, but he needs his baths.
    Any advice, my ears are open.

  3. suzanne May 10, 2008 at 1:30 pm #

    My heart goes out to you…2 is such a hard age to watch children with eczema. I’m not a Dr. but I can share what products I’ve seen in action vs. eczema in children. Try the Spectro cream…it is an intensive hydrate for the skin. You can still feel it working 12 hours after applying it. It will at least (hopefully) provide some relief for your son. I haven’t washed my daughter’s hair or skin really in months. If I use any soap or shampoo she’ll get an outbreak. Don’t use anything. Or if you really want to wash his body occasionally, try the Spectro body wash. Also, limit the number of baths..try every 3 days if you’re bathing him every day. I like the Ecos detergent because it’s cost effective, good for the environment, AND it didn’t cause a flare-up for Isabella’s skin. Please keep me posted…

  4. Michelle May 12, 2008 at 7:40 pm #

    Thanks for all of your comments!

  5. Ashley October 6, 2009 at 8:14 pm #

    hi, since i was a baby i had eczema and til this day i still have it and i’m 16 years old. As i was growing up, my eczema got worse. I hated it, it was on my arms, all over my neck, under my eyes and i felt very unconfortable. I got allergy tests done, blood tests. I went through alot. Ieven cut out my diet so i had no dairy, wheat, gluten, seafood. I starved so much because my parents didn’t know what to really feed me. My mom and i would always be at the Loblaws Natural section finding food that i could eat. As i got into high school, i noticed that my eczema got REALLY bad. It was all over my face which became red and blotchy. I felt embarrassed by this. But my eczema got worse when it was cold and the season changed to winter. I tried so many creams but none of them work. Especially the cortisone cream was deadly to my skin. Now i’m trying the Execalm cream and the spectro eczema cream. I’m crossing my fingers hope that my eczema will flare down especially on my face. It gets really red and i hate how people stare at me all the time. It kinda makes my self- confidence go down. Once i finish hight school and university,i hope to find a cure for eczema because i’ve been through alot and i don’t want kids growing up dealing with this problem.

  6. green mommy December 9, 2009 at 12:24 pm #

    Have you tried dechlorinating the bath water? I’ve seen the products to remove chlorine in bath water and have been curious if this would make a real difference and is worth the expense….

  7. green mommy December 9, 2009 at 12:28 pm #

    I tried the Ecos laundry soap and the fragrance in it and maybe the optical brighteners triggered my sensitivity. I like Charlie’s Soap because it doesn’t contain any brighteners or perfume.

  8. maria August 19, 2010 at 12:03 am #

    my precious 4yr old daughter has suffered since 4 mnths of age she has exzcema head to toe she has asthma and is allergic to milk eggs wheat peanut animal dander trees grass weeds soaps well she reacts to everything . now a g.i doc is involved . all i know is ive done everything like the spectro creams double washes no soap. nothing works .the only thing we have found for some comfort is atarax a prescribed antihistimine and it sounds insane but 1/3 cup of bleach with 10 ninches of water 2 or 3 x a week.and after every bath or shower i smoother her in vaseline. terrified mom who;s daughter can only eat fruit veges and meat needs a bubble to live in what to do?!worried mom

  9. Melissa May 26, 2012 at 11:08 pm #

    I just found this product by Rocky Mountain Soap Company I am going to try and get it for my son tomorrow. I just spent the last two hours dealing with his skin stinging/burning from Glaxal Base and the Spectro creams. He was itching so I put the lotion on him then he was crying it was burning so I had to give him a shower to get it off then we tried the other cream with same result…another shower, this is heartbreaking to watch I feel so hopeless. I just read the reviews on the Rocky Mountain Soap products for eczema I will let you know if it works.

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