Happy Mother’s Day

What a wonderful reason to spend time with your children…Mother’s Day.  Some might call it a commercially created holiday for consumers, but mothers will not agree. We see the little things our families do to make this day special for us.  Francesco has been scrambling to cover his handmade card at the craft table the last few days.  I can’t wait to see what he’s created.  That is what the day is about for me.  Being so proud of the fact I’m a mom and even more proud of my children.  And if it creates moments that I can remember forever, then I’m SO grateful that this holiday exists.

This year, I’ve already received my gift.  I have the memory of my Mother’s Day tea at Angelo’s preschool, not just the incredible time in the classroom, but of all the adorable comments and actions surrounding it.  If there wasn’t a Mother’s Day, I wouldn’t have the memory of Angelo asking me if I’d wear my cloppy shoes (heels), a pretty dress, and fix my hair nicely.  Francesco chimming in to request makeup even though he wasn’t attending the event. <smile>  Then watching Angelo’s beautiful little face proudly hold my hand the entire tea and sing all the songs in ernest because he was so happy to have me by himself.  After, we would take a magical forest walk and freak out with excitement when we saw two wookpeckers or when we discovered tracks in the mud and decided they were deer tracks (thinking a bear was way to scary), then coming out of the forest and walking by a property with horses where we would sit and talk for an hour. Those 3 hours I got alone with one of my children was the best present I could ever receive and I thank my amazing husband for realizing by taking the day off work to handle the other kids, he has already given me a gift that I’ll always cherish.  Typing this memory makes my eyes brim with tears – I hope I’ve given the day justice with it’s description. 

Many years ago when I was expecting Francesco, I wrote something to frame in his room.  I’m not a great writer, but maybe it describes the feeling you have for your children.  Happy Mother’s Day.

From the first time I could imagine how you would look, I wanted you more than anything.
From the first time I saw a Mother calm her baby I knew this was my purpose.

Cry and I will soothe you.  Fall and I will kiss you.
Always know that two people tried harder than anything to have you.

Come to me quickly because I need you to complete my life.
I already know I want brothers and sisters for you.

Come to me quickly so I can kiss your cheeks and rock you to sleep.
All the while your father will sing.

Come to us and always know you are a miracle.


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