Graze Organic – Ditch Plastic Sandwich Bags Forever!

Oh I love this review. Another practical, but cute product was recently introduced to me and I’ve been testing them out for weeks with my kids.  Graze Organic is a new company from California that has put an original spin on reusable sandwich and snack bags.  They’ve created kid-friendly designs (that parents will love too) that are generous in size, made with a strong Velcro seal that should ensure food staying fresh.   My Graze Organic bags have saved me time, money, and gives me a great feeling since I’ve completely eliminated plastic wrap, plastic sandwich bags, and wax paper with getting snacks and lunch ready. These will be a staple with September quickly approaching with back-to-school lunch planning. The obvious use for the bags are for sandwiches but you can eliminate plastic bags and wrap if you start planning alternatives for cut veggies, fruit, and snacks.  The founders of Graze Organic have thought of everything with bags labeled ‘sandwich’, ‘fruit’, vegetables’, ‘snack’ and the favorite ‘surprise!’ My boys think the surprise bag is simply the best thing ever and always have high expectations when this bag is opened at lunch. Check out how fun these prints are! 

I laugh because I’m sure the founders of Graze Organic get asked on a regular basis ‘what are they lined with’?  Well folks ~ that is the point.  There is no lining because that would mean something synthetic is touching your child’s food. These bags are made from 100% organic cotton and they go a step further with printing the illustrations by hand with silk-screen using water based inks. Graze Organic has also found a way to produce their product line with a local footprint – proudly made in the USA.

This September, when your kids are going back-to-school, think about supporting and teaching them ‘litterless’ lunch habits, but also protect them from soft plastic wrap that contains PVC, plasticizers, and chemicals.  There is no longer any excuse to not reuse lunchtime containers. The co-founder Leslie, was lovely enough to walk me through the washing instructions so I can reiterate how easy caring for these bags really is. Only if the bags get really messy (jam sandwich, etc.) the bags should be turned inside out to machine wash. If there are only a few crumbs, just knock those out and machine or hand wash right-side out.  They can be thrown in with Jeans, towels, and other light weight fabrics.  Hey – even I can handle that and I appreciate another avenue to wash lunch time products since my dishwasher is always packed with stainless steel containers and water bottles. I also measured the bags before and after I washed them for the first time – almost no shrinkage which is awesome news for the roomy sandwich bags!

Also, thank you to Heather and Leslie for offering a set of 3 snack/sandwich bags for a back-to-school contest at Mommy Footprint.  They will ship the winner a set of 3 sandwich, veggie & snack or surprise bags. These reusable bags are a wonderful prize for any parent sourcing back-to-school lunch items.  Click on this link and complete the Referral Form to be entered to win. Contest closes August 28/09.



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4 Responses to Graze Organic – Ditch Plastic Sandwich Bags Forever!

  1. Chris September 11, 2009 at 9:52 am #

    Thanks for the awesome tip on sandwich bags.
    Any idea if there’s anything out there that would work in the freezer? I have some glassware, but am doing OAMC cooking for DH lunches and would LOVE a non plastic alternative that doesn’t mean we need another freezer.

  2. Karen September 22, 2009 at 12:29 pm #

    These sound great! Any new alternative to keep us from buying more plastic is super appreciated!
    I am also trying to fill my freezer, in preparation for new baby arriving, and am curious about any alternatives to freezer bags, etc. I’ve started canning this year to keep our food in glass and save space in the freezer too, but am a novice for sure!

  3. Suzanne October 5, 2009 at 11:44 pm #

    Thanks Chris and Kare-Bear for the questions! I have to admit I had to google OAMC because the kitchen is my biggest weakness in life. =) But, I do know a few things about freezing and they all involve a bit of an investment. You can find Pyrex on sale from Walmart to London Drugs, Save On Foods, Target, Amazon, etc. Never pay full price and it comes in all ranges in size. It does have plastic lids, but it’s number 5 food-safe and most of the time your food won’t be touching the lid if you are freezing. More suggestions in my new post..I’ll link to it when finished. Thanks!

  4. The GreenSistah August 24, 2010 at 2:47 pm #

    You got the GreenSistah approval. Fabulous product!

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