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All parents are on the search for safe household and toy products that surround children. While researching this article, I came across the site Good Guide. It’s rating system similar to EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) Skin Deep database which is parent-friendly and easy to understand. I started browsing the Good Guide and while looking up SOS Pads and their ingredients, I drifted and found it to have the best information I’ve seen to date for toys. This site is a definite one to bookmark because it has so many of the commonly used, purchased, etc. products in our homes.

Before finding the Good Guide’s rating for SOS pads, the only information I could find was from the Clorox MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) where they list their product not hazardous because it’s not a carcinogen.  Well that is a big relief because so many people I know use them.  While I was out shopping today, I read some advertising on the packaging of SOS pads and although they’re not a carcinogen, I think the statement “materials used on the pad are biodegradable” might be going a tich far. Different than the EWG’s rating system, the higher the rating with the Good Guide, the better the product and it ranks based on three categories: Health, Environment, and Society. I like the fact I can have 3rd party advice when researching products that I’ll be using in my home or giving my children. It’s very difficult for parents to read an ingredient list and understand if those listed are toxic or not. I am appreciative when a site can translate chemicals or materials into easier terms so I can decide if it’s a smart purchase. Using the SOS pad ingredients as my example, I’m able to judge that the ingredient (Sodium Nitrite) rating 4.0 in the Heath category as a possible kidney toxicant, as not being a product I want in my home. I’m also never a fan of fragrance (phthalates) and dye added into products that I’m using on my dishes and going into waterways.

Why am I suddenly so interested in SOS pads and eco-alternatives for them? A customer recently helped me remember a great use for my eco-alternative to traditional scrubbers that I use daily to clean pots and pans – stainless steel spirinetts. Here was the scenario – you know those irritating company labels on a new product that are so hard to remove you think the glue was applied with dynamite? A little bit of olive oil on a spirinette and the label comes off easy.  My last spirinetts lasted a year and the only reason they recently began to disintegrate was hubby used them to clean the BBQ. So with the summer months finally here I recommend grabbing an extra for cleaning the BBQ so it can have it’s own dedicated set. These kitchen helpers are excellent quality, made with stainless steel and simply a better product and money saver to traditional scrubbing pads. I also treat myself to the spirisponge on occasion, but the shelf life isn’t as long because of the sponge layer on the inside of the scrubbers.

Typical Mommy Footprint – I started to write about a great eco-alternative to the traditional SOS pad, but got a little off-course. I hope your find the Good Guide to be helpful too.


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  1. Bevin July 6, 2010 at 12:13 am #

    I love, LOVE, my Norwex spirinette. Every now and again I throw into the top of my dishwasher and it comes out shiny and new. I also love my spirisponge. I highly recommend these products.

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