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Ever summer I like to find something new to keep down-time fun with four kids at home. So far this summer has been great for my kids understanding when their allotted screen time is over – it’s time to go read, play a game or head into the yard. I immediately thought of Gamewright because the last 3 card games we purchased were fantastic and that’s saying a lot since I was slightly addicted to Uno a few years back. <smile> Have you ever heard of the Gamewright games: Sleeping Queens, Rat-A-Cat-Tat, or Too Many Monkeys? They are awesome for ages 5 and up (we have a 16 year old cousin that loves them too) which is great in my house with different aged children. The only thing about these specific 3 games is they work better for 1-1 play. In our house we hold mini tournaments and kids just play the winner each time, but my clan is an impatient lot. Well Gamewright sent us their new card game called Zip Zap and it’s been super effective for keeping my kids busy for hours, again perfect for kids of different ages, plus all 5 of us can play together. It’s the only card game I’ve played that is actually more fun the more kids you have.

The basic jist of the game is you deal cards of different color sets and numbers up to 10. It’s a game of speed and each person is trying to get rid of the 9 or 12 cards dealt to them so they can ‘win’ the game and be first out. But you want to get rid of cards that are worth higher points because you play a full round and keep score for each game – tallying up points for the number of cards left in your hand. The person with the total lowest number wins. Great for strategic development, colors, numbers and quick thinking. It took many video attempts because the excitement level gets high but I’ve embedded my first video below for a product review!  It’s really cool because my older sons are always helping my daughters play even though they’ve developed excellent strategies for boys are almost unbeatable at this point so the game is challenging and fun for me to play too!  Here’s a quick video of a full game with three of my kids playing (ages 6, 6, and 10).

Thank you for sending me this card game to review Gamewright!  My kids and I love your card games and I’m glad to share our fun. For those that don’t know – Gamewright actively includes children in the development of these games. It must be why they are so entertaining and unique. For younger children, I would recommend the card game Too Many Monkey (ages 4 and up), Zip Zap (ages 5 and up), Rat-A-Tat-Cat (ages 6 and up), and Sleeping Queens (ages 6 and up). Can’t say enough about how much my kids love Sleeping Queens and Zip Zap. Go online to the Gamewright site to find out where these games are sold or ‘like’ their fanpage to hear about new games!


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