Felted Sting Ray ~ Magical For Children or Dogs

I’ve been brewing about something for weeks now.  I’ve been reading far too much about plastic toys and the ones that leech.  With a heavy heart I know by far the worst culprit in this area for me was when I visited my local Aquarium with all of my children.  The guilt of always buying a new plastic, PVC, toxic sea creature from the gift shop before we left became a tradition.  Why? Because I believed I was being a good parent by bribing them out the door with an inexpensive toy rather than with candy or ice cream.  I will be making a phone call to the Manager of the gift shop in the coming weeks to ask why an educational facility continues to sell PVC (chemical leeching) toys in their gift shop, in such an up-scale facility.  I’ve written about the fact I let my twins teeth on these toys to relieve their aching gums and my boys bathed with these Phthalate toys. 

Want to see what should be in that gift shop with a wonderful price-point?  If these had been at the gift shop rather than the plastic toys…I know I would have picked one up.  Thanks to the amazing estore Branch for these options.  Picture source from the Branch site:



Look at how cute the tummy of the sting ray is?  The funny thing about these adorable creatures is they were originally created as non-toxic chew toys for dogs.  So not only are they safe for poor Barkley to eat (god knows we’ve been giving our pets toxic plastic too), but they are all-natural and made ethically/fairly traded by providing employment for the woman of Nepal.   The material is 100% boiled wool that is totally renewable.  With the baby sting ray’s price point being $12, I can promise you I would have picked up one of these magical creatures, rather than going for the plastic $5 cheap toy.  Let’s get with it science centers, Aquarium gift shops, and upscale toy stores!  We, as parents, are looking for you to provide safety and research toys before you sell them.  I’m not talking about dollar stores; I’m talking about places that take a lot of money from families for memberships and donations.  Help us, by educating yourself about what should end up in a gift shop, which is a safe alternative for children.


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