Etsy Comes Alive With Mommies On Main!

Thank you to Amanda who informed me about Mommies On Main.  I normally don’t write about events that are only local to my city, but this is something that could (and should be) recreated anywhere.  It’s very inspiring and I’m so excited to learn about it!

Vancouver is hosting a first annual ‘mamapalooza’ featuring creations from local Mom artisans and designers.  It is called Mommies On Main and will arrive July 12th and 13th.  I took a look at their Vendor-roll and’s like Etsy has come to life here in Vancouver.  Many of these Vendors actually have Etsy stores.   What an awesome opportunity to support local moms who are using organic and eco friendly products.

Okay…hold up!  After looking through the Vendors again I haven’t been able to keep my drool inside my mouth.  There is an Etsy artist/store called Superfly Lullabies and they make Owl hoodies!  Oh my…do you think I could wedge my body into a size 4T?  It wouldn’t be pretty, but I’m sure I could make it happen!  <grin>  Not only is there a pink owl, but the fabric is my other Etsy learned favorite – Amy Butler.  Ray if you are reading this – maybe hide my wallet the weekend of July 12-13th.

Picture Source: Superfly Lullabies site


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