DIY Camping Firestarters

Making use of discarded items makes you feel good and less wasteful. For those that love camping or have fire pits in their backyard during the Spring and Summer months, here is a DIY project that uses up two things that are otherwise headed for the compost and recycling bin. This is an easy way to showcase up-cycling for kids and getting them excited about summer months with DIY camping fire-starters. Save you dryer lint (that can be otherwise composted) and toilet or wrapping paper rolls (recyclable item). Stuff the empty rolls with dryer lint and store in a dry, safe place. These are highly flammable which is why lint should be regularly removed from your dryer, but makes them an excellent tool for quick starting fires when camping. This is a quick and easy upcycle for a sustainable school project for kids or DIY craft! Use pens to decorate the rolls and plan for exciting summer nights filled with camp fires and stories.

If cooking over the camp fire and you want cleaner burning fire for cooking – make sure your lint is free from petrochemicals of traditional clothes detergent or toxic dryer sheets. Wool dryer balls are the way to go if you need to eliminate static cling in the dryer with clothes. Hmmmm – I’m thinking these fire starters would make a really cute Father’s Day or Spring birthday gift for the camper in your life. Write special messages on the rolls in anticipation for camping and accessorize with camping gear.

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  1. Ananda January 7, 2013 at 10:02 pm #

    The lint we only be safe if the detergent, fabric softener and the like do not contain toxic chemicals which are known to be in many of these commercial products for the household.

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