The Color Run – Happiest 5K On The Planet

Have you heard of The Color Run? It’s known as the Happiest 5K on the Planet and I’ll be participating September 14th because it’s coming to Vancouver for the first time! Vancouverites can sign up for the run here. This is the 2nd year The Color Run has brightened North America since launching in 2012 across numerous cities in the US and five stops in Canada. This run promotes health, fitness, while celebrating individuality as participants are doused in different colours at each kilometre of the race. Watch this video and then scroll down to read some neat facts about how The Color Run is special.

How is this The Color Run different?

– there are no winners or official times. Everyone is a winner!

– over 60% of participants are first time 5K runners. Proven results for getting newbies participating in health & activity with the emphasis on fun!

– runners range from toddlers to grandparents. You can run, walk, or stroll.

– I was initially concerned about the air-born particles of the colour that could be ingested by participants. The material used to brighten the run is corn starch so they’ve thought of that too!

– The Vancouver Color Run  is proud to be partnering with local charitable organization KidsSport Vancouver. The donation that the Color Run will make will ensure that at least 20 more kids in Vancouver will get a chance to play organized sports this year.

I can’t wait to soak in the experience of The Color Run. What are you waiting for? Grab a team of four people, register, make a funky team name and have fun! I’ll post pictures post run to the Mommy Footprint fan page. For anyone that has participated in the run before, please post advice on how to photograph the colourful fun without getting colour on cameras or phones.

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