Coconut Fiber Cocoze Sandals Contest

I’ve been on a mission for a few years now. Find a pair of flip flops or something easy to slip on during the summer that isn’t cheap or plastic. I’d be rich if I had a dollar for every person that suggested I just go to the Mall and buy a pair of plastic sandals. The one problem with that? They are made from PVC (cheap plastic that can’t be recycled) and this plastic doesn’t just cause huge damage to the earth but gives me a headache from the smell. But the company Cocoze has solved my dilemma and I love my coconut fiber sandals. I’m super excited to tell you why and lucky to be hosting a contest so you can try a pair!

I’ve waited 3 weeks before writing the review after receiving the shoes because I wanted to make sure the fabric piece at the toe of the sandal was secure enough to handle the punishment I put footwear through. I’ve had many a pair of sandals break at this part of the shoe (all plastic) and was worried the fabric wouldn’t be strong enough. I’ve had no issues. But I’ve kept the sandals out of the mud and water. They are not water shoes. If they get wet it’s not a problem for them to dry out, etc. but you don’t want to go wading into the ocean with them on. This hasn’t been a problem and I’ve gone on longs walks, run around my daily activities, sand, park, dirt and no issues.

I’ve also been asked frequently if they are itchy. They look like they would be scratchy from the picture but a benefit with the shoes made from coconut fiber is they exfoliate dead and dry skin from the bottom of your feet. Coconut fiber is naturally antibacterial, allows your feet to breathe, and regulates temperature. This sandal design is made to produce happy feet but if you are really sensitive, this might not be a great feature for you. I’ve had no issues and love the texture.

Back to my original issue of not purchasing plastic flip-flops. I really like purchasing non-plastic footwear when possible and because of the winning combination of materials used to produce these shoes (coconut fiber and the other is a question to be entered into the contest so you’ll have to check out the site) you can actually compost these sandals into your garden at the end of their life. This was probably the coolest part of getting a pair of these sandals . . . getting a great answer to the question “where will these go at the end of their life?”.

And now you all think Cocoze is amazing and want a pair to buy I have to tell you that they are only available when Cocoze is at sustainable markets or events so follow their Facebook Fan Page to find out where they’ll be selling them next!  An online component is currently in development so you won’t have long to wait.  But they are offering a pair to a lucky Mommy Footprint reader so enter the below contest and good luck! The give-away is open until August 3, 2013 to all residents in North America.

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  1. Holly July 24, 2013 at 10:56 am #

    I’d love a new pair of sustainable sandals! The exfoliation bonus would be excellent as well!

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