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Want an awesome story that transitions your toddler our of reading the very basic ‘see spot run’ type books?  I always assumed our preschool favorite Clay Boy, by Mirra Ginsburg, was only for ages 3-5, but I’m delighted to write that my 2 year old twins LOVE it.  They suffer from the inability to sit still for 5 minutes (like their mother), but they will sit happily to read this tale.  It is the perfect book to capture this age’s attention because there is aways something exciting happening and lot of action to keep your little one focused.  It has the same exciting build up like Three Billy Goat’s Gruff and uses word repetition so within a few times of first reading the book, your little one is chanting “More, I Want More!

This book comes highly recommended from the preschool where my kids attend.  The story is the retelling of a Russian Folktale and it’s main characters are: Grandma, Grandpa, Clay Boy, and a golden goat.  Grandma and Grandpa make a boy out of clay to keep them company, but they aren’t prepared for Clay Boy’s appetite and soon he eats all the food in the house.  He continues to eat the village and all the people and animals in it.  Are you a little horrified? I was too the first time I read it, but the children LOVE it.  It has a very happy ending with the clever golden goat’s saving village and people.

I found this book on the Canadian Amazon site. That’s good news for Canadians….great prices too!


For US residents, the American Amazon site also carries this book. Here is the link for you to save shipping costs.


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  1. Work at homes moms August 26, 2008 at 4:41 am #

    I read a simliar post just the other day by Sandra Kosineck but yours is much better.

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