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Favorite Kids Music and CDs

Do late afternoon lulls have you and your kids climbing the walls?  The witching hour usually starts at 3:00 and goes until dinner is ready – right?  The best way to avoid a melt down is to head outside or throw on an awesome, danceable, CD and rock out with the kids.  I normally enjoy picking out single MP3s, but these two CDs are worth getting because all the songs are awesome!

Our all time favorite is the Happy Feet Soundtrack. This CD is loaded with awesome music!  We have been listening to this CD for over a year…it never gets old. At 1 years old the girls would do their ‘happy feet’ pretending to tap dance.  It so easy for parents to enjoy the songs because it features great artists like Prince and Pink.  The songs are classics, but kids find them catchy to dance and sing to.  A few highlights from this CD are:

♥  My Way – Robin Williams (this is the BEST song Francesco and I have ever      danced to!! It makes you want to move your hips!!)
♥  Tell Me Something Good – Pink
♥  Boogie Wonderland – Brittany Murphy
♥  Heartbreak Hotel – Nicole Kidman


I could go on and on listing favorite songs…check it out.  You won’t regret purchasing this CD!

The other soundtrack is from the movie Barnyard.  OMG there is nothing more funny then watching my twin 2 year old girls rock out to Shaggy. I had no idea they were fans until we bought the DVD and discovered this untapped source for great music. You know, sometimes Paramount Pictures or Warner just knock a soundtrack out of the park. Well, this is one of those movie sountracks. Our favorites from this CD are:

♥  Hittin The Hay – North Mississippi Allstars
♥  Wild and Free – Rednex
♥  Boombastic – Shaggy
♥  Father, Son – Peter Gabriel (warning it’s a tear jerker)




Buy Local, Buy Homemade Items….Hello Etsy!

Wow – if the experiences I have on Etsy continue, I can kiss my mall and Ebay shopping goodbye.  I keep having these amazing on-line conversations with Etsy artists and their customer service is off the charts.  These unique, funky, adventures just keep happening when I poke around the Etsy site.  

I wanted to purchase some unique clothes for my kids so I went straight to the Etsy site.  I’m lucky that my friends pass along their girls hand-me-downs, but I wanted to do some research (really Ray, it’s not called shopping…it’s called research!)  Well I found some amazing moms that run Etsy stores and I have to share my findings. 

The first is a self taught seamstress and her store is called Sweet November.  I don’t think my girls have ever worn skirts before (dresses of course, but I haven’t gotten the hang of skirts yet).  Well I saw her skirts ** in the owl print none the less!! ** and I had to place my order!  I was worried about the fit, but OMG….they look adorable and the fit is perfect!  The girls LOVE them and have been wearing them over their pants since they arrived.

I also fell in love with monster t-shirts by sister in laws Nissa and Lisa.  Their store is called Nissalisa and their clothing has such personality.  Check out these monster tees and onsies…what an incredible present one would make for a little kid or baby!  My 6 year old saw me checking out their store and asked if I would buy him one.  He has absolutely no interest in fashion or clothes, but one of the monsters look like an alien and he has to have it!  So now I’ll be ordering 4 for my monsters (whoops did I say that out loud?!) I mean my children.  Think of the cute pictures I’ll get with all four in these shirts.

So while I’m excited to visit my first farmers market this Sunday and start supporting the purchase of local produce, I think it’s also important to take another look at supporting all local and/or handmade items.  Honestly, why would I get in my car, drive to the Gap, drag my hysterical 2 year olds around the mall, leave frustrated, when I can support a stay-home mom who is creating these unique items to purchase on-line?  I challenge you to have an Etsy experience!  You can tell the vendors love what they do and really go the extra mile to help you and answer questions.  Also, the shipping cost for my Etsy purchase was $1.50…people are so honest with prices.  I am proud of this purchase because I’d rather help a fellow mom with my business, rather than supporting the huge stores that won’t miss me. 

If you have a special story about an artist or small business like my Etsy experience, please let me know.  I am finding so much inspiration from these creative people.


    My favorite owl fabric in a skirt!         



Three Billy Goat’s Gruff – Favorite Things

My favorite book as a child was Three Billy Goats Gruff.  When Francesco was 2 years old, my mom brought over my copy from when I was little and I happily set about reading it.  My husband sitting nearby listening was horrified as he heard me happily read “rip you to bits, body, and bones”.  His comment was “that’s a little violent don’t you think?”  I laughed because I was so rigid as a first time parent, but I couldn’t resist those delicious words that had brought me so much joy to listen to.  The book took me back in time and although some of the words are surprising at first, all kids LOVE this story.  My boys laughed in delight as my voice became small and quiet for the 1st billy goat to cross the bridge – then loud and booming for the 3rd billy goat.  This book not only tells an amusing story, but helps kick start your child’s desire to role-play.  I can’t tell you how many parks where I’ve ‘trip trapped over the bridge’ as a billy boat gruff or pretended to be the troll.  It’s still works like magic even for my 6 year old!

This book is awesome and it’s on my list of favorite things for boys or girls.  Again, because of the fun way to read the story, this book can be introduced early to kids and they can grow into it.  I laugh when I remember Ray’s reaction and I’m glad I gave this book a chance because it’s become a staple in my children’s library.  I have an extra copy of this booked tucked away for when my first grandchild is born to pass on the love of this story.



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