BPA Plastics: Thermos Water Bottle Solution

batman1.jpgThe dangers of  BPA leaching from plastics came to my attention a few months ago.  I immediately emailed my greenest friend Suzanne and got the scoop on stainless steel water bottles for the kids.   She educated me in the world of stainless steel and I found the Thermos ‘FUNtainers” and Klean Kanteens were the front runners for my family.  I found my Thermos stainless steel FUNtainers at London Drugs and immediately threw out all plastic water sippies.  The kids love their Thermos bottles (the commercial prints on the bottles make your kids want to use them) so I have no regrets with the purchase, but this company makes it tough for Canadians to totally embrace them.   The replacement straws that you need are tough (if not impossible) to find in Canada making this $18 purchase an item that has a shelf life.  You can order these cups online via the Thermos web site, but my two friends that did this got dinged with so many duty and ‘service’ charges once they arrived, it was ridiculous.   **If you can have them shipped somewhere in the States and order replacement straws at the same time this would be a great idea.**   Three other cons I can think of with these bottles are they are heavy, they utilize 2 plastic pieces (aren’t we trying to get away from all plastic here?), and a  biggie for me…if you have any problems with your order, their customer service is terrible.  You honestly feel like your banging your head against cement trying to get assistance via their email customer service or the phone number that’s listed on the web site.   But if you can overlook these negatives, you can’t beat the kid friendly designs these bottles have…it’s hard to beat having Batman or a Princess on your water bottle if you’re a kid.


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