Beeswax Leaf Garland

The weather for the month of October has been stunning on the West Coast. If you walk down the street, through a trail or park, you might be lucky enough to feel a falling leaf against your face. If only we could bottle up the beauty of Fall leaves as they turn all the different shades of orange, red, yellow, and more. But you can! Leaves and other beautiful bits of nature like acorns can be preserved for years with beeswax.  So before all the leaves have fallen and composted back into the earth, collect a few of your favourite and create tabletop confetti or a garland of leaves to hang in your window. The smell of beeswax drifting through your home and lingering on the coated leaves is another wonderful bonus to this craft.

leaf_post dip-new

Step 1: Collect leaves. My kids liked the look of alternating different leaf types and colours on the banner they created. I like the look of the same type of leaf, different sizes and colours.

Step 2: Buy a brick of beeswax and create a double broiler to melt the beeswax. I used a frying pan with a little pot that is now dedicated to only beeswax for the interior broiler.

leaf_double broiler-new


Step 3: Once the beeswax is melted, grab a leaf by the stem and fully submerge into the melted beeswax. Have newspaper nearby to transfer the leaves onto to dry. You’ll be amazed how only one coat works and how fast the beeswax dries! I wouldn’t let kids help with this step. I burned my finger tips a couple of times during the leaf dipping process.

leaf_dipping in pot-new2


Step 4: Let leaves dry and decide if you want to leave them for Autumn tabletop confetti or if you’d like to string them into a garland. We did two methods. My kids decided to tie leaves onto hemp string. This was very quick and super easy. I think coloured yarn would look amazing too. We just tied the string around each leaf stem until we had enough leaves for our window treatment.

leaf_kitchen window-new

Step 5: The other method of stringing our beeswax leaves was sewing them with needle and thread. This is a great idea if you have lots of the same types of leaves to hang. You thread the string through the base of the leaf stem. If you think the garland is going to be heavy with a large number of leaves, use a more study material like fishing line to thread through with a needle.

leaf show thread-new


leaf threaded on mirror-new


I love crafting with nature. It’s free, right outside your front door, and you know the compost is ready when it’s time to say goodbye to these decorations.

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  1. Elinor Forrester November 15, 2013 at 7:34 pm #

    This is wonderful, I’m definitely going to do this. Would it work with flowers also?

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