Back-To-School Personalized Klean Kanteen Bottles

After a school or your group of friends have eliminated their plastic water bottles and made the switch to stainless steel, it’s just a sea of the same water bottles during a play date or in the cubby room at school. When my friends and I all have our kids together, we are always asking each other “is that your Klean Kanteen or mine?” It’s amazing to me I still have all my bottles from purchasing them months ago.  Well check out this solution from the smart folks over at H20x2!  A picture is worth a thousand words…

They have Klean Kanteen bottles in stock, ready for back-to-school lunches, with an option for personalization. The 12 oz is a perfect fit in any lunch box. Klean Kanteen bottles are made from food grade stainless steel and have a wide mouth that allows for ice and easy cleaning. BPA-free and dishwasher safe!

I have recently noticed a large amount of knock-off stainless steel water bottles being sold everywhere. Even The Bay has their own brand…please be aware that there are different grades of stainless steel and you should be purchasing 304 grade. That is what the quality is when purchasing Klean Kanteen bottles and the reason they are dishwasher safe. A lower grade of stainless steel in many of the cheaper bottles is 204 and the quality (in my opinion) is not the same. I bought a lower grade stainless steel drinking cup from a department store and after 1 time in the dishwasher, the drinking rim had rust showing. These are things you don’t need to worry about with Klean Kanteens. Always ask and if the retail store selling the bottle can’t answer the question regarding grade, don’t buy the product.

If you haven’t checked out H20x2, visit their site and check out the new colored Klean Kanteen bottles that have just arrived. They are beautiful! Just to preview how cute the small colored bottles are…check out this 12oz pink Klean Kanteen. What an awesome present these would be!


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2 Responses to Back-To-School Personalized Klean Kanteen Bottles

  1. Tina August 20, 2008 at 11:12 am #

    I would suggest using a stick on label such as Mabels Labels rather than having your Kanteen personalized. I have noticed that after several washes the orignal logo that came on our Klean Kanteens has washed off. I fear that the personalization may also wear away. I put a label on my son’s cup and it is still in original condition.

  2. Suzanne August 21, 2008 at 12:47 am #

    Great feedback Tina! I love the mabels labels too because you can stick them on everything. I haven’t had any problems with my logos on the Klean Kanteens and think the personalization would make a special present. Hope you’re having fun with back-to-school shopping!

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