Back-To-School In Tiers – But Ready For Lunch!

Many people have heard me “eeeeeeep” before. It’s a high pitched scream that comes out of my mouth after finding an amazing new discovery; beautiful children’s clothing, awesome new toy find, new product for GPP, you get the picture.  Well I had an “eeeeeeep” moment yesterday after receiving a stainless steel lunch carrier in the mail. I have seen these 2 and 3-tier lunch systems in many stores online, but assumed because of their size and design, they were strictly for adults to use.  Well thanks to the incredible store called Healthy Kitchenware, I’ve tried out the 2-tier with Francesco at soccer camp today, and my younger son was in tears that it couldn’t stay home with him.  <smile>  Let’s just say it’s a hit!

Picture source: Healthy Kitchenware site

Firstly I want to point out that the estore Healthy Kitchenware has been finding better alternatives to plastic before the BPA scare and before it became ‘trendy’ to use stainless steel and glass.  The co-founder, Cynthia, was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2005 and she decided to change her lifestyle and completely eliminate all plastic her food and drink came in contact with.  When trying to remove any traces of the plasticizers within products, she couldn’t find many stainless steel or glass alternatives.  This is how the company was born.  I found this very inspirational and wanted to share this about the company’s start-up.  Okay now back to my “eeeeeep”…

Healthy Kitchenware sent us a 2-tier lunch carrier.  Before I saw the product in my hands, I assumed it was for adults because it’s hard to tell the size or measurements from pictures.  Well – it is adorable for young children, FUN (they think it’s time to camp with this lunch-kit), and a great size.  I would recommend getting the 3-tier system for school lunches, but the 2-tier is great for sports or snacks.  Kids love their food being separated into different compartments:  sandwich/salad, fruit, cheese/crackers, etc. I saw the buckles and latches and thought this might be an issue for my preschooler and 6 year old.  Nope!  They loved using the system which involves undoing the latch, removing the stainless steel bowls, then stacking them back, replacing the lid, and doing the latch back up.  It’s like using the camping equipment we had as children.  Funny that modern day ‘must have’ products for kid’s food and drink could have been purchased at camping equipment stores 30 years ago.  Here is an image of the 3-tier system:

So rather than wait until September to write about this lunch system for parents that pack a lunch for work, I wanted to squeeze in the article for another back-to-school lunch option.  It is very light-weight, fun to use, will fit into a standard back-pack, is dishwasher friendly, is made from high-end 304 stainless steel, keeps food safe and nicely organized. Healthy Kitchenwareis another company doing everything right – trying to reduce waste by offering these ‘litterless lunch’ type systems.  Oh!  I haven’t mentioned that this system is not only great for kids, but would be the perfect lunch system for adults that pack a lunch for work.  It has a helpful handle for an easy-to-carry feature and like the laptop lunchbox, it  promotes less packaged food because you have to meal plan and make appropriate room of the 3 containers.  It would be the perfect system for an adult to pack a salad, fruit, and sandwich for the lunch room.

The next “eeeeeep” I expect will be when I photograph my kids going back-to-school with their uniform and some of these carefully researched back-to-school investments.  For more back-to-school lunch tips, check out:

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